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Tuesday, Dec. 07, 2004
I do not like women that “expect” “demand” or plain really deeply inside “want” a man to “take care of them financially”. I hate it. I despise it even. I shouldn’t admit it, and I do think if you are a stay at home mom and the father is providing, well hell he should and you should be the best damned mom alive because that’s the only task at hand you have. Get up away from the pc (if you are indeed reading mydrivel) and go play with your child(ren) right now. They grow up fast and that man of yours is out sweating to earn a living so his child(ren) can be taken care of by their own Mom. And after you play with the child, make your man some dinner and wash his laundry and for crying out loud, quit your bitching and griping about the hand’s that feed you.

I’m all for the pursuit of Mommy’ness fulltime. But….if you have no job, are looking for no job, live at home with your parents (and this is a sexless comment trust me) and you are actively looking for a meal ticket, then you make me SICK. Plain SICK.

I stayed home with my son until he was nearly 3 ½ but it became a matter of not having a vehicle (and nope there are no busses or cabs in fucksville where I’m from and was living at the time) and needing to get one so that I could go out and work. All I’ve ever wanted to do was work, go to college and make a decent enough living that I was contributing to the relationship I was in. I never looked at my ex or any man for that matter as a meal ticket. In fact, first boyfriend I had went to college to be an electrical engineer and his family then made waves (after 4 years of dating pre-college for him) that I was looking for a meal ticket. He proposed, fell to one knee and I said no. I didn't want to even be seen that way, and I did not relish the idea of hearing those comments for the rest of my life. I was not and will never be a meal ticket yearning girl.

I see it all around me all the time. “How much money does he make?” “What kind of car does he drive?” and so on and so on. I hate these women. Hate! I recently started to read a blog and I was liking it and then one day she wrote about how her husband (who provides her a very nice home if I don’t say so myself and makes enough to allow her to stay home with their two children (ONE of which is IN SCHOOL and GONE all day), she drives a brand new mini-van and yet one day she writes up this huge entry about how she wishes he would just make more money because look at this house (she inserted a link) she would love to build. Gah! I wanted to reach my hand right thru the screen and slap her shit silly.

On the very same day I read that entry I read another entry right here at diaryland (my favorite diary but I won’t list it here) whereby a young beautiful girl’s mother asks her what she see’s in her boyfriend because he doesn’t “look good on paper”. Again, I wanted to reach into the screen and slap her mother silly for such a comment, (but then again I already know for a fact she’s a pretty damn kewl mother but that comment was just…not right) This particular girl loves her man and posts pictures of them together and the things she writes about him and says about him are blissful. Love doesn’t ever make sense on paper…

And then on the very same day I read a girls diary where she’s whining about her husband being out of work and how she can’t possibly afford Christmas presents for her children unless a rent check from tenants (from a house they own elsewhere) comes in on time. And yet and yet, she’s never taken any initiative to get a job, even part time to help carry the family over this time of rough waters.

I recall so many times when my ex lost a job and I took on an extra job, worked over time endlessly slinging stuff in factories if need be. One year I sat down and figured out how much I earned and how much he earned for tax purposes and that fool made $5.15 more per hour than I did and yet and yet….I made more money that year than him. You figure it out. Is he a loser for not working…well perhaps. But am I a winner for doing my part for my family, you bet! Is it time to pat myself on the back? Absolutely.

Yah I dream about winning the lottery, and if I did I’d have it all. I’d probably get really selfish for all of about five minutes having a “me” “me” “me” moment, but then I’d call up my man and say “honey WE won the lottery” because life isn’t about what “you” have but who you have it with.

Sure I expect a man to have a job. But I don’t expect him to “provide” for me. I just want an equal. Someone who goes to work tries as hard as I do, and is playing for our team in the financial responsibilities department.

Some of these women in the world simply make me sick. Money does not = love. And there’s no meal ticket out there that won’t leave you bitter, because without love there is nothing sweet.

Oh and if I read one more damn entry about “I don’t have enough money to buy my kids anything for Christmas, and it’s a Mother who’s husband is out of work and yet she hasn’t picked up her fat ass and tried to go earn a living…gahhhhhhhhh Just think, two weeks at McDonalds even could provide some little kids with some nice presents and wouldn’t affect the man’s unemployment.

Fuck, this train of thought is pissing me off as bad as that girl that paid for her groceries the other night with a food stamp credit card and then bought herself a carton of cigarettes because we the taxpayers have to feed her kids because she’s more concerned with her own needs. Sometimes I watch the news and my blood boils. The man always tells me "turn it off honey, time to turn it off". What is wrong with people these days? I suppose I gotta turn my blog reading days into studying days. Gahhh....


P.S. This week I will work 60 hours at two jobs, because..well it can be done, even if you ARE a girl. Oh and because if I want something I know how to work for it myself.

P.S.S. Before someone says it, my son is with his Dad who doesn't "go to work" anymore. I figure he owes me 3 1/2 years of parental service...I did it once, it's his turn and he doesn't even have to make me dinner in the process.
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