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Saturday, May. 21, 2005
Yesterday I worked late until 6 when we actually get out of work at 5. I then spent about an hour in the parking lot talking to a co-worker. I found out that my supervisor that I totally love is leaving. This saddens me beyond belief. I’m truly going to need some time to recover from this one.

Either way while I was standing in the parking lot chit chatting my ex-husband was feverishly trying to get in contact with me. I was deliberately ignoring him because I was in a good mood and he has a knack for ruining those so I put him off frequently. I do it for that reason and also because he ignored my calls for years and it’s payback time. Yesterday was certainly a payback opportunity as I would find out later.

I did finally call him and he told me that now that it was so late I would have to pick up my son from him from a McDonalds on 66th street because he was running late for something. I agreed. After all in the big scheme of things I don’t give one flying iota what he’s doing but rather that I AM GETTING TO SEE MY SON. So I drove to the McDonalds and low and behold for a man that was in such a big hurry he wasn’t there yet. Typical. He’s never been a man of his word. Never.

So I called him and asked where he was. He said he had not left his house yet but was on his way. So I waited and waited and decided to grab some chicken nuggets and something cold to drink while I waited. Right as I was driving thru the drivethru someone yells “Mom! Mom!” My son walked out the side door right by the drive thru and I nearly missed his being there at all. If I would have had the radio on I wouldn’t have heard him, but instead I was listening to a book on tape instead and those are relatively not as loud as music.

So my son gets in the car with me. I ask him, “Where’s your Dad? Where’d he leave you off?” He says, “He’s gone already, he let me out on the other side of the building.” This undercover method could only mean one thing, he had his witch in tow.

So I left the parking lot pissed off. He didn’t stay in that parking lot or anywhere close by to ensure that I actually saw my son and had him safely with me. He just dropped him like an old piece of luggage and rushed off on his way to whatever he was late to. Nice….what a selfish jerk. So I was urked by that poor behavior. Especially since the door my son came out of could have caused him to get run over by myself or anyone else not aware that someone was walked out in the path of the drivethru traffic. Dangerous to some extent, call me overprotective, but I would not choose to have my son walk directly thru that line of traffic.

So I drive down 66th street to do a U-turn so I can head back to my home. And low and behold my ex-husband is right in front of me and I don’t want to have to stop behind him and risk some ridiculous event because there’s always one of those when she’s with him. She’s like a walking problem waiting to happen to me. So I went passed their vehicle and farther up 66th and did a U-turn and headed back towards my home. While all of this is going on, my son is giving me be-lated birthday presents that he’s acquired for me. I’m opening them in the car, while driving, while listening to my son talking. So what happens next you ask?????

At the next intersection where there is a traffic light I stop. It is then that I realize that I am directly behind my ex-husbands car. Something I would have simply preferred to avoid. I had that momentary thought of just ramming his vehicle with mine like a mad-woman would do in some tacky movie. But I was not at all that angry and that was just a momentary thought that passed. I did notice however the huge bumper sticker on the back of his vehicle that said, “I love my wife!” in blue and white. Yah….I love my wife and she insists I put this damn sticker on my vehicle to prove it. I did ask my son about the sticker and he told me, “Daddy got that in the Promise ceremony that they did at the church.” If you know anything about Christians you know that they do these promise ceremonies whereby you’re taught the evils of “cheating on your wife.” I wonder if that sticker is proof that he really paid attention in that class or proof that she just made him go? While all this observation is going on about the sticker and never mind the big Jesus head on the back of his vehicle….which is really just irritating for a man that lies more than Rip Van Winkle, his wife leans over in their vehicle and starts to display this huge kissing make out session for me and my son’s viewing pleasure.

I immediately thought about how my sister did that very same thing one time when her boyfriend had cheated on her and they later saw that girl at the mall, my sister told him that if he didn’t immediately make out with her in front of that particular girl that she would never forgive him. She needed that girl to see him kiss her for her to feel secure about them...and it was a fruitless effort because he eventually cheated on her again and again and again.

This was particular odd to me because this is not a teenage girl we’re talking about. She’s nearly 50 years old. The only thought I had was that I hope when I am that age I never feel so insecure that I act that immature in front of a child.

I’m sure that if I mentioned it to him in any fashion he would merely accuse me of jealousy. I can assure you that I am not jealous of anything he has to offer because it’s one big nightmare of lies, half truthes and lets play pretend about how great our lives are in front of strangers. Been there. I know all about it.

I later found out that they were on their way to dinner for her “I’m very very old today” birthday. So their rush was a selfish reason. Dump the kid…find that free babysitter called his mother fast…….

At that precise moment when they were making out in the car and I’m trying to convince myself that there is no appropriate way for me to comment about this behavior to my son…my son looks at me and with a rather deadpan voice says….

“You’re totally going to write in your diary about this.”
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