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i'm going to tie you up and read poetry

Wednesday, Aug. 28, 2002
14 hours since my last update. When in the hell does that ever happen? Never. Right now I don’t want to write about anything. I want to go crawl into the arms of the man I love and go to sleep. I miss him. I can’t sleep. And I just talked to him. And every time I think its best to walk away…I just can’t. Like some fool…like something… I don’t know. He’s so busy right now working constantly. Yesterday alone he worked 14 hours straight. 14 hours! That’s as long as its been since my last update."i'm going to tie you up and read poetry to you."
OMG! How sexy....

me: but you are "needed" baby

me: you should feel special

t: ;-)

me: well....see

me: now don't you feel better?

t: only if i am needed by you

me: hmmm

t: ?

me: i cant' need you

t: ;-)

me: its not a good idea

t: ok

me: grrr

me: there's that "ok"

me: i hate that word

t: oh well

t: ;-)

me: t?

t: ?

me: wouldn't you rather I just wanted you...instead of needed you?

t: yes

t: that is good too

me: needing you is a bad thing cause it's not like you're so easily had

t: true

me: i don't think anyone can have you, work and everything…

t: *shrugs* or should I say "ok"

t: ?

me: grrr

t: ;-)

t: ;-)

me: but its true

me: i don't think anyone can

me: i don't think its about me

me: its about other stuff

t: ;-)

me: so me wanting you is a bad thing cause I can't have you

t: so you arre saying you dont want me now?

me: I didn't say I didn't want you.

t: ok

me: grrrrrrrrr with the ok

t: ;-)

t: ?

me: just so ya know

me: i do want you

t: whats that love?

t: :-)

me: but i don't just want your body

t: ;-)

me: and i might not ever get anything

t: hmpft

me: so its just....worrisome

t: ok...

t: do I need to say this again?

me: lol

t: well?

t: do i?

me: say what?

t: this again?

me: I don't know what this is

t: that you WILL meet me?





t: and yes that is a threat

me: yeahhhhhhhhh

me: threaten me some more baby

me: but what makes you so sure you want to?

t: then when you do meet me...

t: I am going to tie you up and ...

t: read poetry to you

t: lets see...

t: what makes me sure?

t: let ss

t: see

t: you are sweet

t: you have a wonderful personality...

t: and the pics you sent...

t: I can see you are sexy beyond comparison

t: so why would I not want to meet you?

t: ?

me: um...the way my mind works i can come up with thousands of reasons

t: I cant think of any

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