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i miss my boy already

Wednesday, Jun. 07, 2006
I miss baking cookies, (he used to stand on a barstool and wield the wooden spoon), I miss going swimming, being goofy…just hanging out. I don’t so much feel like going shopping but we will see a movie that he wants to see. I want to do a craft project or just…maybe we can paint. Maybe sometime this summer we can take a class together doing something fun. I just miss him. I miss really talking to him and I feel him growing up too fast….leaving me slowly but steadily to enter the world of adulthood.

Oh the numbers don’t add up to all done yet, but they are flying like rollercoasters up and down and around and the upside down moments are making me feel him slipping…..beyond my reach.....even if I know by heart that he loves me right back from here to the moon and back.

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