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Monday, Apr. 11, 2005
I just spent 2 hours watching mindless TV instead of doing schoolwork. I have 65 pages of material to read to complete a worksheet that is due on Tuesday. I’m going to try try try to complete it tomorrow. Like that was completely stupid of me. But I did just spend another 2 hours doing schoolwork and don’t feel so behind now.

I have to drive across the bay on Tuesday. I printed out a mapquest map and asked the man to drive over there with me today as I’ve never been there and traffic will surely be crazier when I have to go. So….he went with me and listened to me get more and more aggravated. We went the way the map suggested and a critical exit ramp was closed. Yes closed! These things always happen to me and throw me into a driving tailspin. Yes I am not afraid of heights, but I hate driving in unfamiliar territory. I also despise maps because most likely something’s changed since the map was drawn or there will be a snafu. I swear it happens to me every time. I drove 100 miles today in order to find that I can take one highway and use one exit and yah it might take longer but damn it I won’t get lost and there should be no snafu’s.

We stopped to get lunch after finding the building I would be going to on Tuesday. At lunch there was like this girl that like talked like she didn’t know much of anything else to say. I mean like have you ever met a girl like that?

“I was all like I don’t want to go with your friends because like they don’t like me and I don’t like them and like it will be confusing for us to get together at a restaurant like that. I was like amazed that he wanted me to go with those people, like you know I don’t like them I said to him and he was all like so what like can’t you just put that aside and like decide to go to like a nice restaurant and like hang out with your boyfriend today?”

This girl could not say one sentence without using the word like. I sat and waited for my coffee to come and I literally counted her saying the word “like” in every sentence for a total of 37 times in 3 minutes. No lie. I was all like “Rick do you like hear her like she’s a brunette and I think that like after she leaves here and stuff she should like totally go to the drugstore and like buy herself a cheap bottle like that really cheap stuff and like dye her hair..oh I mean like peroxide like dye but not really like dye, and like she should go right home and talk to her boyfriend and be all like I totally need to dye my hair and look like exactly how stupid like you know I always like like like sound because I know you would really like it, like wouldn’t you?”

I proceeded to mock her for at least twenty minutes. Then I made him stop at Pier 1’s discount store in Tampa and follow me around while I looked for something to buy. I was caught saying, “What should I buy?” and Rick pointed out that I need not buy something if I needed to figure out what to buy. Busted! I did buy two chunky green pear candles for in my new star cut out candleholders I snagged from ebay for a cheap price recently.

But then I complained and whined that I had to do two U-turns just to take him somewhere to take a leak. I was mucho grumpy about it. Mucho! All the driving agitated me and I was feeling pent up in my car and just needed a good time out in a corner somewhere. And yet, he would not engage in my bad mood or let me start a fight…he just kept saying, “It’s ok honey…we’re almost home.”

And then later after we were home for awhile I started to gripe about how I did all the laundry and his laundry was still folded sitting on a stereo speaker and the least he could do to show his appreciation to me for “doing” his laundry would be to put it AWAY. I was hungry and too lazy to want to cook anything and I was just flat out IMPOSSIBLE. LIKE you know what I mean out there right? Like I was all bitchy and like he wasn’t biting into it at all.

I finally relented and made myself some Lipton Noodle Soup with egg’s dropped in and as I finished eating Rick stated, “I’m going to go make some steaks.” But he was kidding…just trying to show me how stupid I was being all day.

And finally let it be known that I have the best boyfriend, he’s like the coolest in so many ways and I pick Rick because of all the above reasons. He helps me find my way, he listens to me gripe and yet doesn’t gripe back, he lets me laugh out loud he lets me mock lifes funny moments, last night he went out to like an arena football game and didn’t make me go along, he like didn’t even get mad when he got home and realized I made myself a nice dinner but did not make enough for him. (I did not know when he would be back or if he would eat while being out) He also spent 20 minutes along with me on speaker phone with tech support to fix my laptop which was like mucho frigged up for days. He also let me watch the movie of my choice on Friday night even though he like totally had a man movie he rented.

Not only do I love my man…..I really LIKE him too…like that’s really so cool, like I’m all about him and I’m happy.
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