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Sunday, Jan. 16, 2005
I am now taking a break (see prior entry about school shiz’it) eating some banana yogurt….and posting another picture of Chloe in bliss….

This morning she was having a major dilemma and of course her daddy and I were laughing at her for a few minutes. She could not decide between the sunshine or her chair. So we laughed and then we put the chair in the sun. She immediately fell asleep.
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I don't know who designed these chairs but they are NOT big enough for even a two year old's toddler butt, but a min pin....ahhh perfection. There's even a little ledge for the pin head they have. Doesn't she make you want to curl up and take a nap too?

I’ve had a longtime friendship…and today I got another email about his impending divorce….and it saddens me. It’s so hard to watch someone else go through what I myself have been through.

I turned my resignation letter and had my exit
interview. My last day is Friday and my bus ticket is
bought. My wife has been out every night trying to
avoid me and sounds like she doesn't believe we will
get back together but is doing this as a courtesy…
I am losing it. I know this has been coming for
year but its still hard. When I get on the bus next
sunday will be the hardest. thing
I have ever done.

I wrote back to him….but nothing you do helps…and that’s frustrating. I am feeling melancholy because I feel helpless to help a really great friend.

I need to go to the store and buy some Excedrin headache medicine….all this college critical thinking and emotional gut wrenching is just hammering away at me….and to think I’m actually off for a long 3 day weekend…and I feel like shit…. :-(


The other side of divorce...the part where you are stronger better....brighter....it's amazing but even it doesn't allow you to forget the painful parts. Oh....and he has 3 kids she's forcing him to leave.
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