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Wednesday, Jun. 26, 2002
I think Iím addicted to the sameness of it.
The insaneness of it
And the fact remains from it
That I canít get away with it
I keep coming back for more of it
And itís always the same old shit
That it was before all of this
I gave into it
Bent and reshaped to it
Made myself worn to fit
I walked all around the edge of it
In a room that was darkly lit
I thought I saw all of it
And I started to believe in it
And I reached across the miles for it
I thought I missed the all of it
When I retreated away from it
But now I realize itís more than this
This feeling I will never fit
I know I am too much for it
Its not that Iím not good enough for it
Itís more that I am too tough for this
Insanely I keep reaching for it
A goal that I can never hit
Itís my dream of saving it
Making it
Into more than what it is
You keep taking all of it
Despite my never ending wish
It always comes back down to this
You wonít believe in it
And so here alone I sit
No matter the candles we have lit
The hours we just hit
No matter how I long for it
I canít find my way to this
Where love is all of it
And where love is love
Down to each and every bit
So I keep crying as I sit
Try as I may to let go of it
This is what this is
This love is just a wish
And this is just a wasted it
That I should have never writ
When it comes right down to it
Youíre just full of shit!
I sat with time and wasted it
I canít take anymore of this.

I canít believe you read all of it
It was total poetic shit!!
2:35 a.m. ::
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