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Monday, Jul. 29, 2002
lookie what I just got from Brad....teeeheee... I think he pulled out the form letter

From: "Brad"
To: "kristy" Subject: Please do not reply back
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 00:11:19 –0400

I have been supportive that you found someone that really likes you and wants to be with you. But that doesnt seem to be good enough for you, you for whatever unknown reason feel the need to compare me to him. Venting anger because im not like he is. Well I am not him and i dont want to be like him. His values and lifestyle is not for me. But you cant go on and just be happy instead of being happy you express anger to me, which is a strange very unusual response for a happy person wouldnt you agree?

I really hope it works out with you. I honestly mean it! I had my fill of dealing with you for better than 2 years. I made a decision I dont want this anymore. I want you to listen carefully. I deleted you from yahoo and then blocked you. I also removed you from AOL instant messenger and paltalk. I not going through anymore listening too your bullshit. Better pay attention now if you do come to NC dont bother looking me up or calling me or contacting me in anyway. I will have nothing more to do with you. We are not friends. You are a nuisance a fucken pesk. Lose my numbers and dont bother me anymore ever again! UNDERSTAND!!

Have a nice life!

bwah ha ha ha Have a nice life? Yeah that’s what he said to the last girl he dumped in real life. I was there to hear it. But he’s got a point. I did vent a lot of anger. But I think it wasn’t so much about anger as it was about disappointment, a wasted 2 ½ years. And that whole situation makes me not want to enter the “t” one. Why? So I can go through all of this and get to this big fat UNDERSTAND? For countless times when he said “Listen to my shit carefully”.

I think I’m gonna send “t” an email and tell him….I can’t do this all over again. That it's over.

What really sucks is that I am changed...I'm not that same girl I was 2 1/2 years ago and ....I wish I could say all those changes were bad so that I could say what a dick he always was. Fuck that...he was always a dick. Someone that made me feel less than...I just can't do this again.

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