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Tuesday, Nov. 01, 2005
Today was

2 times crying in the bathroom at work
1 time crying with the boss via the telephone
0 times it was my awesome bosses fault
3 times my boss was absolutely kewl about my issues
1 time I talked to Rick and was told “my brother’s calling on the other line
1 time I got pissy and said “yah right so right” and hung up
1 time I went to bookstore after work trying to regain sanity
0 times it worked
3 times Rick called me while my cellphone lay in my car without me
2 times I wanted to buy a book and relented because we’re getting married and need money for wedding shite
1 time I came home and yelled at Rick
1 time I tripped over my laptop cord and busted my favorite glass coffee cup into smithereens
1 time I tore off all of my acrylic nails because I broke 1 tripping
2 times I was in tears after 5 p.m. and leaving work
1 time my nose dried up and ached from too many tears
1 time I logged into school and did some work
1 time I gave up
1 time I ordered chicken wings only for them to deliver them made incorrectly
1 time I wickedly screamed at top lung capacity
2 times the dog hid from me
1 time I managed to run the dishwasher despite my rage
7 times anxiety attacks today
1 time promise to quit job, quit school and leave all standing at the beach alone
1 time Rick lamented about not having a birthday gift for his birthday that is TOMORROW…not today
6 times I banged my head up against an invisible wall
0 times I scarfed that fucking chocolate cake that’s been in my refrigerator
0 times I excercised this week
0 times I had a cup of hot coffee today
1 time I wrote an entry about it all

yes I’m officially a bridezilla gone bad….I wish I was this way because I was pregnant

Yes it's official I have gone completely mad. I can't deal with all that I have now successfully....let alone find time for diapers!! But I still have my stapler....and funny enough it IS a SWINGLINE!

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