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i wanna get dirty with 'da man

Monday, Oct. 11, 2004
What would make me the happiest giddiest girl in the world on a gray dreary rainy Monday afternoon? Getting a phone call from ‘da man whereby I get to go and spend my lunchtime with him and know that he will come later to pick me up from work too. Wooohoooo…..now that’s bliss. But then picture this..he’s all dirty from working hard and he’s all buff and manly and just call me crazy but I ruined my panties just because he’s so hot. Something about manly men and dirtiness and knowing he WORKS for a living. Yum…. And then he buys me a latte at Starbucks. Double yum. And then we had a nice talk about a lot of important things and we’re opening a joint account to save for our wedding and we’re going to start to hammer out more details as we go. I think he’ll be moving back in very shortly as well. And it just all feels right. I’m over the top with happiness. I can barely contain myself. I want to buy a top hat and a cane and jump up and click my heels together. Now that’s happy. When I think about all the shit we went through, all the misunderstandings and mistakes we’ve made, they don’t scare me anymore. We went thru them, we came out the other side and here we are stronger…better…..and where we are is beyond anything I’ve ever thought I could have.

And besides….when you want to throw down with your man when he’s dirty and sweaty and covered in dry mud….you know it’s something extraordinary.

I love him. I love him. I love him.

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