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i will wait for - poem

Tuesday, Jul. 30, 2002
i will wait for

i want to write a novel
on post it notes
just like chuck palahniuk
all over your shower walls
i want to pen you my own
little twisted fight love club
for your eyes

i want to find fractured
sentences like broken bones
bruised lips beaten by verbs
wet words bending sweet moans

i want to hear you breath
not far away on any tangled telephone
i want to feel every exhale
across my face
i want to feel you needing me
like payments
on overdue loans
against my neck
inside my every single line
of structured rhyme

i want to not haunt you
but find your eyes
wanting the truth
of who i am
as pure as blue skies

i want the first words
i ever truly hear
to be your voice
i want to vocalize
everything i ever looked for
in your ear

i want too much
for finding someone like you
i want too fast
i want and then
i dont want to
want you to go through
me too quick towards my past
i want to come "front" again

i want to find a way to go slow
if you stop waiting for more
if you stop believing
there's nothing to wait for

(ti will always wait because you are always so patient with me..)
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