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Monday, Sept. 12, 2005
This afternoon at work I called home to talk to Rick and see how his day was. He was in a good mood and had a surprise for me. He told me he brought home a jewelry box for me. I asked what color it was and how big it was, etc. He said it was kinda big. He expected me to flip out my normal style and tell him off. (like I did a few weeks ago about the china cabinet and the curio cabinet) I had this elation feeling that I knew what he was trying to refer to. I immediately started to look online at what I suspected he had.

I was absolutely beyond myself when I got home and saw this….

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I know that my photo is blurry so you can check out what it is by going

  • here for $279.99,
  • or here for $311.74
  • or even here for $335.00!!

  • The one I now have is better because of three reasons.

    1. It has a pretty pink lining on the inside instead of gross emerald green.

    2. It was a gift from my man, who thought enough of me to drag it home for me.

    3. It was…..FREE!!!!!!!!!!

    Last weekend I bought some candle doodads at Target. I tried to find them online but they’re not on target.com Good thing I bought them because I agonized over the $24.99 purchase like it was my last meal I was choosing. When I got home today it turns out that Rick remembered to bring his tools home and hang them up for me. :-) Keith decided upon the configuration of how they would be hung up. He did a great job!

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

    And they look so much nicer than I ever imagined they would. They are scrolly just like Italian wire work. If you haven’t noticed yet or I haven’t mentioned it, I am going for a European/Parisian flare in my home. I like everything French and Italian looking. My kitchen is done in fat french chefs, my bedroom has pictures of couples kissing under the Eiffel tower, my living room has 3 big pictures of Italian scenes. My dining room has a picture of a field of lavender in Provence. My bathroom is the only room that is not European in flare, it has daisies in it because daisies are my favorite flower..ever!

    This weekend I hope I can get my son to organize my bling bling and put it all away in my new beautiful jewelry armoire. He's the best organizer I know.

    Yah this makes up for the football widow I was most of the weekend. I love you honey! Thank gosh you drive a truck! Remember a dining room table would be ok and oh yah I’d love to have a wooden hope chest….even though there’s not too much I hope for anymore now that I have you!

    How did Rick get this piece of furniture for free? Part of the base came out that holds a leg on. Four little nails. So it needed a repair. The owner who was being moved (on a job Rick worked today) had tried to move some stuff herself and broke the leg. She asked if anyone on the job wanted it and my man stepped up and said he did ....for me. (it should be noted that they usually move disgustingly rich people who practically eat off of marble plates and take baths in golden tubs, the rich discard things like mad!) Rick lugging home what he called a "jewelry box" to avoid my wrath? Very Sweet...and...reason #653,213,111,010,228. Rick asked me today if my reason numbers were in consecutive order....for charming me by saying that ...well that is reason ##653,213,111,010,229 (in consecutive order) why I pick Rick!!!
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