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Thursday, Jan. 06, 2005
My life is now broken down into snippets of time. My time has become more and more valuable, and before I forget to type this (as I am on probably limited time before I am stolen away from this task)…more of my time should be spent on the task of making love and/or being made love to. Absolutely!

Today I went to McDonalds and yes I should not ever go there, but I did and I ordered my food and I paid for my food. He handed me my drink and off I went…WITHOUT my food. I actually looked at my watch and debated as to whether my $4.73 was worth going back over. I mean….I almost just skipped the snippet of “meal” time I had as going back cut into my “I will arrive at the University a tad early and can fit all my work in.” way of thinking. I went back. The McDonalds girl asked me “How does one forget to take their food?” I said, “One has an ex-husband who killed half her brains cells in a matter of 11 years, a child to worry about, two jobs, full time college, a fiancé and oh don’t forget the dog..I have a dog too!” Her eyes said it all.

Now, to further comment on Jan, Jan being the girl pretending to have a fiancé. I cannot with all clarity be 110% sure that this is what she is doing, and NO her name is not Jan..that was a reference to Jan Brady with her pretend George Glass boyfriend. The “real” Jan (with a different name) has a name and an occupation for her man. He lives in a northern state and she supposedly flew there over the holiday weekend whereby he proposed. Her bank statement indicates a purchase at the jewelry store but no flight tickets. (statement runs from Oct 1st thru Dec 29 and was an online banking printout)

Jan is a very pretty girl, but she seems to not ever brush or fix her hair. It hangs in a long stringy mess. One time she went to a hairstylist and had it professionally done. It looked beautiful. She got lot of comments and then…the next day. Back to stringiness. IE: If you can’t keep up with your hair do that don’t do that hairstyle. Try something you can do. She’s highly educated etc, very nice, but just not the type of girl that can attract a lot of men. Don’t get me wrong here and don’t send me hate mail, I do not feel that I am perfect, nor do I have perfect hair…(but I do get compliments on it and I do fix it daily..teehee but I don’t comb it…oh heck it’s hard to explain Jan adequately without sounding like a bitch!)

Anyway, Jan talks mostly about her grandmother and all about taking her grandmother here and there and so I am always imagining that she doesn’t have much of a social life if she’s out playing bingo with her grandmother.

It’s all just a little suspect. Also when you ask her a direct question she never answers you directly. As in, “oh what’s he do for a living?” “Where are you going to live since he doesn’t live here/” “When are you going to get married?” All answered with a blank stare back and a change of subject.

Very suspect…

My man's supposed to be at home making lasagne. Yum.
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