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Saturday, Mar. 16, 2002
Ok…..I didn’t want to rewrite this information into an entry…and yes I am fucking confused…and yes I’m a prime candidate for the Jerry show…

And I don't know why I try to talk about my feelings to anyone ...

And .....thanks Dan for being the one person that doesn't judge me when I do.

PoeticaL: guess what

Josh: what?

PoeticaL: have I ever talked to you about the Cleavers

Josh: no

PoeticaL: my former neighbors

PoeticaL: i call them the Cleavers

PoeticaL: cause they are so suburban typical

PoeticaL: they wave and say good morning

PoeticaL: smile and bring soup when your sick

PoeticaL: pick up a gallon of milk in case you "ran out"

PoeticaL: totally typical movie type neighbors

Josh: mmhmmm

PoeticaL: ok well....

PoeticaL: Mrs. Cleaver has been pretty miserable because Mr. Cleaver is a boring fart

PoeticaL: does nothing with her

PoeticaL: ever

PoeticaL: he's a movie addict

PoeticaL: watches movies all day

PoeticaL: does nothing as a family

PoeticaL: is "people" phobic

PoeticaL: so......for the longest time

PoeticaL: her and my husband

PoeticaL: they talk and hang out

PoeticaL: cause they both are totally into that "family" thing

PoeticaL: at Christmas time I went one day to the bookstore

PoeticaL: came h ome and found them cozy on the couch watching a movie with the kids

PoeticaL: Stevie and Bucky

PoeticaL: her kid...my kid

Josh: right . . .

PoeticaL: all cozy and family like

PoeticaL: I bitched

PoeticaL: about her being there when I wasn't

PoeticaL: I of course got blown off

PoeticaL: told by husband "get over your jealousy shit"

PoeticaL: well....

PoeticaL: yesterday he told me that

PoeticaL: the following:

PoeticaL: "mrs. Cleaver's gonna be your new neighbor..she's leaving Mr. Cleaver and taking Stevie with her and so Bucky's probably gonna want to live with you cause his best friend's gonna live there

Josh: hmmm . . .

PoeticaL: I was con fused and asked....and apparently she wants to move into the complex that I live in

PoeticaL: and........get this

PoeticaL: this is the best part

PoeticaL: of this story

PoeticaL: she went over to my "former" house to talk to my "still" husband

PoeticaL: and she says to him....

PoeticaL: "we get along...you and I....and the boys are like brothers.....and I think maybe we should find a place and make a life together."

PoeticaL: WHAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Josh: and?

PoeticaL: <---wants to kick Mrs. Cleaver's ass

Josh: why

PoeticaL: I don't know

PoeticaL: its like I haven't even taken the pot off the stove yet and shes' trying to eat my dinner

Josh: you can't have your cake and eat it to . . .

PoeticaL: well I never said I was leaving my cake

PoeticaL: I said I wanted to get my head straight and not make bad decisions about divorce when so confused

PoeticaL: he agreed

Josh: from my understanding . . . you took the pot off the stove a long time ago . . . just because you're thinking about it more now . . . doesn't mean it hasn't been ready to eat for quite some time . . .

PoeticaL: we were in total agreement as to what was going on

PoeticaL: no one gets it

PoeticaL: no one understands

PoeticaL: FUCK!

Josh: awwww . . . no one understands . . . this . . . comes as a surprise

PoeticaL: what does?

Josh: *sarcasm OFF*

PoeticaL: that it bothers me?

PoeticaL: that I'm jealous?

PoeticaL: that I'm worried

Josh: that no one understands

PoeticaL: that I'm bent outta shape

PoeticaL: oh

PoeticaL: that

Josh: worried . . . about losing something you degrade and underappreciate

Josh: ?

PoeticaL: I degrade and underappreciate husband?

PoeticaL: no perhaps he lies to me and so therefore I love him but don't understand why he feels the need to treat me so badly

PoeticaL: ever thought of that

Josh: hahahaha . . . yes . . .

PoeticaL: perhaps I degrade him because I'm trying to save face

Josh: two wrongs don't make a right? ever thought about that

PoeticaL: I love a man that fucks me over constantly

Josh: well . .. lifes a toughy isn't it?

PoeticaL: ok now you're belittling me

PoeticaL: I really don't need this...

Josh: vamoose

PoeticaL: fine

Josh: exit stage left please . . .

Josh signed off at 5:15:26 PM.

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