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Friday, Jun. 28, 2002
My stereo quit working a few weeks ago. The CD player would just spontaneously turn off. Well, then it started to work and was working for months and months. We put a stereo system on layaway because we want a bigger system and because that earlier problem was irking us. And besides I’m a music whore…so why not? We have another month left on the layaway plan to pay for it. Tonight I bought “Our Lady Peace’s” new CD. Low and behold that bastard CD player was spontaneously fucking with my enjoyment. Starting…stopping. Then I got the bright and new idea that I can play my new CD on my DVD player. Ahh….new music. So far, this CD’s pretty ok. I know though that it will grow under my skin and be a good thing. And besides, it was on sale… $9.99 at Borders. You can’t beat that. I only had $4 to my name today and then husband gave me some cash. And I had a free drink card and wanted some chai and so… well you know what happened... I need to go get my new stereo. Sony… ahhh AIWA sucks interruptus ass.

I am in a better mood tonight. I have some plans to spoil myself this coming week while I’m off. Early to see the sunrise and sleep in the dreamy snoozes in the afternoons when I am most tired, beach sand as the sun sets..homemade bread in the oven, candles flickering… Novel pages turning in breezes. No phones ringing. No going to bed with Internet eyes. I suppose if I can’t go anywhere, I can pretend I’m not really here and have a different life …this week.

I’m wondering, what the hell do you wear when you know the persons only ever going to see you in that one outfit? What do you want them to remember? Jeans and cotton the way you always look? Skirts and bare thighs the way you want them to remember you? Black and lace so they never forget you? Nothing underneath so they remember forever? What the hell should I wear? Maybe it doesn’t matter if you just take it all off and trade spit. Maybe I need to keep it on and be a promised envelope so he wants to come back to rip.

What the fuck? Rip…spit? I can’t even talk sometimes without rhyming. Sometimes I hate it. I talk to a guy at the gas station and he says, “look at this rain, don’t you hate this weather?” And I reply “yes it’s a pain, but its usually sunny so whatever!” Or I drop off my son at day-camp and he says, “I love you Mom, you’re the best” (see footnote below) and I say “I love you to, more than the rest!” The worse yet…tonight at the bookstore the guy says, “this looks like it would be good, have you heard any of it yet?” I said, “yeah well it should all be good, I heard some of it already on the Net.” Then later on husband said, “I hate this stereo I’m going to bed.” And I said, “say that again, I didn’t hear a word you said!” Now all I have to do is go pet my dogs and figure out a way to say something to them that rhymes with their panting. I got it “huh huh huh huh” Well wait, that just sounds the same as they sound all the time. Um...I know...they pant “huh huh huh huh” and I say “wha?” “wha?” “wha?” “what?” Man I am too delirious, but the way I talk sometimes really is hilarious. Argh… I need therapy. Can anyone help me?

he can’t stay away…but I’m tired of it… Brad=bad

Him: holy jeeeeeepers
Me: what?
Him: its 1 am
Me: holy jeeeeeeeeepers
Me: your watch works!

footnote: yes my kid really tells me that stuff…I think he knows I’m unhappy and he tries to cheer me up…don’t tell me about the ill effects because I’m aware...tell me how to feed him even after I leave. Yeah I didn’t think you had the answer to that. And don’t tell me to get two jobs because that just adds up to two daycares. And that leads nowhere good.
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