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Friday, Jul. 19, 2002
OK a list of things I need to say

1. Understanding men is not easy! I never have gone for the kind of man that watches sports and drinks beer. Never have I. I go for the intellect writer deep thinker types who read books and are far more complicated. On the other hand, all men like sex. All women like sex!

2. I take the above statement back. They never watch sports but the boys I always like have “trouble” crossword puzzles in their veins.

3. They aren’t always writers.

4. Some of them write for total shit.

5. Some of them can’t even talk right.

6. oh hell what kind of men am I attracted to?

7. I have a new issue.

8. All men like sex? Well..all women like sex AND think about it more than we might let on. If she has a headache, she doesn’t dislike sex, she dislikes you!

9. I post at weird times because I am awake and doing strange mystery things at strange times!

10. I have secret labs where I do secret things.

11. A man that notices these things is different on levels that quantum mechanics are simple in comparison to. =P

12. Women will never be understood by men. We are many layers while men are flat.

13. Addictions are wonderful.

14. Addictions in combination are orgasmic!! 15. Gay boys are many layers much like women.

16. Gay boys have everything as far as I’m concerned, everything but a desire for pretty vagina’s.

17. If you want to know where all the great guys are ladies…they’re with other great guys.

18. I prefer the “fuck off” technique over the “let me fuck with your mind” approach any day.

19. The “let me call you back Tim” technique really sucks.

20. The “let me call you back Tim” technique causes the girl to say “fuck off” so that he doesn’t have to ever explain himself.

21. All rejection’s have absolutely nothing to do with you and everything to do with someone else’s inability to measure up to the wonderful person that you are.

22. I’m making Tim voodoo dolls in my secret lab.

23. Shit I can never keep a secret.

24. Tell yourself #21 a thousand times a day, it does start to sink in.

25. Most people in online relationships really don’t want anything real.

26. They want something they can mold in their own minds to be what they are lacking in their real lives.

27. Of all the places and people I have met online, the greatest ones have been perfected by my own mind.

28. #27 rhymes…grrr..

29. There will always be someone somewhere who sees what you truly are and want to stick around for the honest reality.

30. True friends are so hard to find that sometimes we convince ourselves that those that measure close are good enough.

31. The people in my life that ended up being the ones that treated me the best kinds of ways are the ones I just let happen.

32. It’s always best to let someone go when they want to leave.

33. It’s not easy, but it’s best.

34. I am a glorified fax machine whore at work.

35. I’m glad it’s Friday!

36. 4 ½ more hours to go…basically…

37. I ate all that food last night including chocolate cake and my previously tight jeans from last week, aren’t tight today.

38. Splenda does splenderific things in large doses.

39. The “Push Stars” are great!

40. I’m done.
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