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Thursday, May. 09, 2002
I got my espresso maker today. I have tried 3 different kinds of coffee and I think we’ve mastered the frother. I’ve had hazelnut espresso. I’ve also had vanilla nut espresso. And then just to see how it was….I had a vanilla nut latte. Mmmmmmmm….yummy. By the way, not that I’m being paid to say this, but if you really want an espresso maker but don’t want to shell out fat money, this one works tremendously well and you can get one at your local Targ’et!

And I think tonight I’ll be up long enough to re-grout the bathroom, write a letter to my elected officials, each and every one of them Mine and yours! I’m going to just go ahead and type out my novel tonight. I’ll also be rearranging the cabinets and ironing all the clothes in my closet.

I’m now wondering how a mocha latte would taste. I love that sound that little steamer thingie makes. I keep trying to make it with my mouth to no avail.

I’m currently reading “Chemical Pink” by Katie Arnoldi. This is a bizarre book to say the least. There was one scene that was so …strange I have half a notion to type it all out for your reading enjoyment. But despite my caffeine I’m not inclined to do so. Just ….trust me. It’s a weird strange book. It’s about sex and bodybuilding and one mans obsession to make a girl perfect. And what happens as a result.

Ok I’m thinking that I’m gonna have to go have massive amounts of strenuous sex so that I might just get a few seconds of shut eye tonight….hmmm…I think my next book is gonna be…this one Something about that lollipop on the cover all red and juicy makes me almost faint with naughty thoughts. I just gotta have it. And I think I’ll order it. I remember when I interviewed at Borders the manager told me no one admits to buying sex books for themselves. She said “apparently people buy the most gifts at our store for “friends” from the sex section!! Not me I’d march right in there and pick up the bad girl lollipop fuck book and proudly slam it down on the counter and say “I want this!”

Which reminds me…when husband and I were dating I asked him to buy condoms for obvious reasons here…and my previous boyfriend always made me do it saying “My second Aunt might be in there!” What a whimp he was! Well husband said “I don’t mind, in fact I love to buy condoms because it’s the next best thing to opening your car window and yelling “I’m getting tagged tonight!” He said it was fun. And he always went to the old lady standing at a register. LOL So if I get nervous about the lollipop book (that is if they do have it locally) I’ll send husband in like sending a soilder in to war. He’ll go gladly. Lollipop sex? Mmmmm that’s gotta be interesting.

Just when you think no one could make your day any sweeter….you read something like this which is just so damn awwwwwwwwww! How’d I get so lucky to know a freak emotional kamikaze on crack? Maybe like minds are magnetized when they cross paths.


I dig my toes into the sand
The ocean looks like a thousand diamonds
Strewn across a blue blanket
I lean against the wind
Pretend that I am weightless
And in this moment I am happy
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