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Sunday, Feb. 26, 2006
This morning I woke up and the husband was gone. I forgot to ask him last night whether he had to work today. My mind is so absorbed with this huge project for school I can’t think of much else at the moment. It’s driving me crazy.

Sometimes I want to quit school and get on with the business of living. But I digress….

About an hour after I was awake and struggling with implementing a picture into my power point…..his cellphone rang. I, being the nosy curious wife that I am, answered his phone. It was some guy named Joe and this is how it went…

Me: “Hello?”

Male voice “Is Richard there?”

Me: “No, I’m not sure where he is.”

Male voice “This is Joe from work, I’m trying to reach him.”

Me: “He left his phone at home.”

Joe: “Oh, well I was trying to find him because he hurt his back last week and I wanted to see if he needed help today.”

Me: “Yah he hurt his back, I wasn’t sure if he was working today or not, I forgot to ask him.”

Joe: “I tried him on his work cell and he forgot to take it.”

Me: “Yah he does that.”

Joe: “Ok well thanks, I guess I can’t help him out today.”

Me: “Ok well bye.”

Joe: “Bye.”

My point in typing all of that out? I was lost in a world of my own thinking that life sucks….that I’m trapped doing work work work for work and for school all the time and then in one fell swoop I was reminded of a few things.

1. there are still people out that with a sense of basic kindness in their bones
2. I could be working and instead I am not….I am not working with a painful back on a Sunday
3. Who cares if there’s a picture or not…I always get an A because I’m the queen of fulfilling assignment expectations….and nowhere in the assignment does it say “include a photo in your PowerPoint.
4. Let it go
5. Breath
6. Look outside
7. The sun is shining

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