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the joy of aggravation - poem

Tuesday, Mar. 12, 2002
By the way….I don’t know why I want to say this…but “his” new home is a trailer. Maybe blueyed is the queen of his single wide trailer??

Its about time I laugh about all of this….and I am. Finally. I know he’ll never be with “her” regardless of what I do. And this isn’t about me wanting to mess that up. There’s nothing there to mess up. Judging by the last time she sent him an email…..he blew it off. He didn’t care what she said and told me not to worry about her. But then again if he’s playing us both..he would say that. LOL Damn you have to just laugh at this stupid drama-esque shit.

I have an interview tonight…at a bookstore where I spent over $3,000 last year. Yeah…ok so I want to work there just for the discount and to meet guys…SO WHAT? *grins*

Someone upped this poem on a poetry forum….I love this poem because it’s all about the one person I love more than oxygen. My son… (I wrote this around 11/6/2000…days before husband split with him…)

The joy of Aggravation

If money doesn’t grow on a tree,
how come paper does?
If bees don’t really eat the honey,
why do they chew so loud they buzz?
If the clouds aren’t attached to the sky,
and they don’t have wings,
how can they fly?
Tell me tell me why?
My pants are not too short;
I know you’re wrong because
my legs are just too long.
That’s the way they always was.
I have to ask you just cause…..
Is there really a Santa Claus?
I know it’s not true Mommy.
And there is no big fuzzy Easter bunny.
Well now how about the happy tooth fairy?
I do believe that but just barely.
Do parents have to look like their kids?
Why? I just noticed that they all did!
Why are you wearing your goggles in the shower?
I’m protecting my retinas with their power!
If a CD never brakes why do I have to be careful?
How come I can’t wear my flip-flops to school?
Since you just sat down can I have a drink?
Did I look too comfortable that’s what I think.
Hey you’re on the phone can I? Can I? Will you let me?
I got this boo boo jumping outta the tree cause Stevie bet me!
If a band-aid fixes everything why can’t you put them on a tear?
How come Mommy magic lips can fix everything but boogieman fear?
Where do babies come from...guess what Stevie says...
Jesus sends them with the stork yep that’s what I said.
Why can’t I pretend that the dogs mouth talks?
He’s not mad just cause he growls and barks.
Why can’t I write my name on your car with chalk?
Look I can spit and wipe it and it doesn’t leave a mark.
Why can’t I use a whole bottle of shampoo?
When the doggies take a bath they always do!
Why can’t I eat plain cheeseburgers for every meal?
Why can’t I stay up late at night? Lets cut a deal!
I want a bedtime story lets read 300 pages or more.
But Mommy you can’t skip a page we read this before!
Hey did I remember to tell you today that I love you.
I love you more.
I love you most.
I love you more than most!
You win!!!
Yeah but I love you from here to heaven and all the way back again!
*Remember that your children are adults in the making*

I love you “Bucky”. (by the way...all the questions in my poem...he's asked...what a kid! ;-)
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