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Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2005
I asked my son if he wanted to be an architect when he grows up because he’s been studying one of his Dad’s architect type books. He replied in an email…

i dont really know if thats what i want to be thats what ive been telling my self but you know i dont really know cause im just a child

I thought it was cute…I'm still trying to figure out what I want to major in, even after I signed up for something.....so I can relate. For the record his Dad is not an architect, you actually have to attend college to be one of those.

Rick gets stuff free....because of his job. He brings this free stuff into our home. I struggle with change. He also brought another piece but I couldn't get a decent photo without natural daylight where it's currently sitting in the center of the living room. But for my son....here's a picture of the curio cabinet. There are more glass shelves that go inside and lights under the top that shine down through. Very pretty and I'm sure once I fill it to the brim with something glass and glittery it'll be absolutely beautiful...yah someday. Until now it's in the dining room without a real home. But it was free, it's already black...and it's pretty. I'm thinking of putting my Dad's steins in there for now. But the other piece he brought home is a china cabinet, also black. Now he needs to bring home a black dining room table next. He told me that his former boss told him he's never bought a new piece of furniture in his life. Too many rich people moving into too many houses that are too small to fit their stuff into.

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That white bag on the table is a bag of light purple candles....still on the table weeks later. Wedding things have no home at all...and it's getting cluttered, but such is life when you're busy busy busy.
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