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Wednesday, Apr. 02, 2003
My bosses name is Richard. Everyone calls him Richard except for a few people that call him Rich. He happens to be moderately rich I suppose. My dad’s name was Ricky Lee but all of his mail said Richard on it and the only person that called him Ricky was his mother. My mother always called him Rick and the guys he worked with called him “ski” which was short for his last name and therefore had nothing to do with his first name. He wasn’t rich but he wasn’t poor either. When I was in high school I knew this girl named Rickie Jo. No lie. Everyone called her Joe and most of the time I forgot that her name was Rickie. She only ever had lunch money and I don’t know what she’s doing now. When my son was born I thought about naming him Rick but I didn’t. I named him Keith instead because at the time my father and I weren’t speaking to each other. (not by my choice..) and Keith was a name I always said I would name my child and ex’s middle name is Keith so it just fit. Keith is not rich, but he’s still just a kid so maybe someday. Then I met Rick I was told his name was Ricky. His name is Richard. I think I’m the only person in his life that calls him Rick. His employees call him Ricky, his brother calls him Ricky, the rest of his family calls him Ricky. He’s not rich but he’s not poor either.

So in summary…. I had a dad named Rick, I even knew a girl named Rickie, my bosses name is Richard, everyone calls my boyfriend Ricky and…my ex…well his name starts with a B but he’s a dick. Does that count?
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