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Sunday, Aug. 24, 2003
I remember quite a few years ago I logged into a poetry forum. Someone that frequented that forum came along and started to read my poetry. He never praised me, he simply read and wrote add ons behind me. He taught me what acceptance was. I have that in my life, I do not need it here.

When he and I became friends and there was something good happening on that forum that others did not share in the masses came and harassed us until we buckled from the pressure and went our own ways.

I regret having let others destroy what my friend and I were sharing there.

Yes I am human and yes I can be hurt. Yes I am fragile. But you…you will not break me.

This is mine and you have proven yourself to be who you are. Nothing truthful.

I am done with letting you or anyone else destroy me in whole or in part.

If you don’t like me, leave me alone.

This is mine.

When I told my boyfriend last night that I quit he said, “are you sure? Who gives a fuck about them?” I realized he’s right. Who does?

One night 3 years ago when I didn't know where my son was I rolled razor blades through my fingertips leaving cuts that I thought only paper made.

I had your poem on my wall, you saved me...here’s my poem to you.

Last night I played with razor blades
and licked your name off of every one of my thoughts.
I wonder why I keep persevering
to again find myself right back at the same spot.
I prayed that the world would split
and you’d be standing on your edge.
I braided daisies in my hair while…
Hanging from my tethered ledge
I remembered that beauty does exist
I swam through the seas of you
With bloody hands and silent eyes
I screamed at the night
Then assisted the morning dew

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