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just be - poem

Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2002

Just Be

You are the contradiction
I am craving
I want to steal the empty place
in your arms
Be a moment worth saving

I love you like a symphony
Embraced in silence
Where aching is enveloped
In the angst of beautiful violence

Tonight I scream and beg at skies
That never show me the way
I want to drip and fly
And become an angel
As perfected as the tulips
In the spring waiting behind
The iced doors of yesterday

I want to know you in ways
That would allow me to find peace
To never need to scatter my
Words on shattered splattered pages
Sad like these

I want to know the taste of
Your flesh as I lick words through your soul
To meet content under tripping stars
To say what I’ve meant to say
A thousand times and couldn’t express
Never knowing where you are
Or just how to make us whole

To bend with the concrete
Under the floors of the future
To dwindle down hours
As we voice back over the texts
That we’ve created into being
What we know is just ours

The world wants to show me
That I’m dreaming too loud
But when its all down to you and me
It will

just be…
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