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Just Found - Lack of (poems)

Thursday, Apr. 25, 2002
Just Found I turn Around

Just found when I turn around
That you are leaving footsteps on the ground
Heading towards me going past
Time with you is lost so fast
In a moment my heart is lost
Standing alone in a forest
Were you just imagination
Will I find you in my destination
A mirror magic mystery
found you just as you leave me
alone and sad my misery
a fear of losing what can not be
close your eyes and memory me
for you will be the one I see
I would perish to protect
The heart for which I can’t forget
Face looks forward tears fall down
Dare I run and turn around


Lack of Prior Knowledge

There was no indication or inclination
No sensation of self-approbation
I have found benevolence
And frustration became a hinderance
It is purely baffle description
This muse comes as an impotent conclusion
I wish I had gotten prelibation
That was afore my gained intellection
Alliance never obtained correct penetration
We didn’t share the same apprehension
You started with a different perception
I failed for lack of knowledge at its conception

old poems….and yet history repeats itself…hmmm?
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