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Thursday, Feb. 26, 2004
I make everyone angry the minute I am engulfed in making myself happy. I don't understand why this happens. I do not have an addiction to the Internet, I do however have an addiction to writing. I like to be expressive. I feel my best and the most myself when I am doing those two things. If the www went away tomorrow I'd go outside and write on the sidewalk with chalk, if the rains came I would learn how to bend glass and infiltrate it with neon. If I got tired of cut up hands and broken words I'd find a tattoo artist that would use my flesh to experiment as long as I could give vocabulary directive. Yes I would endure fleshal (is that a word, if not it should be because I say so) pain just to express.

Do you get it? It's not about technology. If I were in the dark ages I would make smoke signals. If I had no flame nor the ability to speak, I would scream gutteral tones. I would....I can't help it. Just as Paul Westerberg once said that he would be in his basement come hell or no highwater, come cashflow or no soul, he would be there writing and making music because he must to survice, to exist to be....just to be, this is me and I must to survive. This is not addiction like a drug, but rather me, myself and I. Do you not like the true me?
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