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Monday, Jul. 28, 2003
I wanna get into a fight with someone right now. Frustrated.... I am going to file a restraining order against ex's bi'otch. I just don't need the hassle.

I spent my weekend reading, working, hanging out with my son today and just plain being tired all the way around. I need a spa vacation. I need a week in the mountains to relax and do nothing. I need a shelf full of books and a bottle of wine. I need a back massage and a bunch of grapes fed to me after being dipped into cool whip.

Tonight I took Bucky to Walmart and he burst out in tears after much moping around and I asked and asked if he was ok and then he spilled the beans. Apparently Daddy said he could have a new gameboy xp version up until Daddy's skank stepped in and then all of the sudden Daddy changed his mind. And so Bucky thinks that Daddy chooses her over him. Hmm.... Either way within a few hours of my having my son tonight (happily after getting sprung from work earlier than usual today...) he was crying all over me about the injustices of his father. So, instead of calling him and whining and bitching, I spoke to him when I saw him when I dropped Bucky off. He claimed something different. But then again he's always lying about shit. While discussing this stuff with him and Bucky trying to find some resolve so that my son can stop crying, skant woman walks out of the grocery store. Now this is no laughing matter because I'm not to have contact with her....I kissed my son goodbye and left. Then I called ex on the phone and asked for Bucky and told him "if you get into trouble because I told Daddy what you talked about to me, then you need to tell Master Richard (his summer camp supervisor) that you want to talk to your Mommy and you call me immediately. And then I told him, "I don't know how I will make it happen right away...but I promise you Bucky that Mommy will get you a new Game Boy sometime before your birthday. He said, "ok Mommy..." And then I just drove around for over an hour wasting gas and drinking coffee and trying to calm down.

Rick and his brother are behind me hanging out watching TV and I'm here typing away.

I'm going to go snuggle up with Rick and try to enjoy the last hour or so that I'll be awake this weekend.

I'm doing ok...just frustrated with certain people....ex...you are an ass!!!

b.t.w. I signed the divorce agreement papers and we go to court within a months time. I got everything I wanted, except for his untimely demise...but then again he's going to that specialist next week and I hope the diagnosis is ...."slow painful...".....yeah something like that. Karma's a bitch.

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