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Saturday, Feb. 05, 2005
Right around the time that I first got married (back in 1991) I fell in love with Martha Stewart. Yes I was in love with her. Yes, I can admit it. She’s smart, and well learned in the field of housewifery like no other. She made it look like an art instead of the drudgery that it really is. I am happy to learn that she’s already slated to do a new show upon her release from the big house. C’mon she’s had a lot of time for reflection and perhaps she’ll tell me how to make dinner with $5 worth of commissary food.

Of course, after years of watching her “good” things, I realized I would never mix my own topsoil nor would I ever spend twenty hours planning any party for the people I called friends. They were happy to receive a free meal, on real plates for cripes sake. It didn’t matter if it was Campbell’s soup to them. However, I still jone’s for images of Martha’s chow chows and her sparkling Martha green accented kitchen. C’mon it was blissful!

I digress back… around the time that I fell in love with Martha, I also found another girl that was down to earth and more realistic about homemaking, cooking and crafts. Katie Brown. She had this amazing show and I used to tape her cooking segments and write down the recipes. Because that was before the huge onslaught of the Internet and Google. Yes I am that old, I had to record the show on a VCR tape (no Tivo back then..) and then meticiously scribble down directions as I watched. Insane I was. But I still have that awesome Shepards Pie recipe Katie made and by the time I made it (nearly 6 years later) I still remembered exactly how she made it. I watched Katie daily for about 2 years and then one day she was just simply gone. No announcement, no nothing. She just up and dumped me.

From there I fell in love with Cristina Ferrare. She was on a show called “Home and Family” with Michael Burger for about 3 years. I taped that show like a crack addict and I totally adored their cooking segments and that my friends is where I got that absolutely amazing Jackie Kennedy’s Stroganoff recipe. (that I have yet to make!)

Cristina put a recipe book out in 1998 around the high popularity of that show. I still have that book and apparently it’s out of print now and you can buy a paperback copy of it from Amazon for $1.99. Get it….
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Trust me, I collected cookbooks for several years straight and would still do so if they weren’t so damn expensive…oh and if I was still attempting to be a housewife extraordinaire! But these shows….after my addiction with coffee, books, my son, my dog, and my man….they are my other silent crack addiction. So, I currently love and adore

Ina Garten, who got her fame from being highlighted on Martha’s show….
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Jacque, he used to have his own small show on another network, and I will never make anything he makes, but his accent and his sexy hands fondling all of that wet slick chocolate….I’m hooked! And I do own one of his books, I’ve never done anything but drool into it.
And Paula….
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Paula just plain knows how to make really good, downhome cooking style. Homemade lemonade and pie. Yummy.
Food TV is the kewlest thing ever to happen to television. My late father and I used to swap recipes and talk about Emeril and we spent hours discussing new idea’s and dream kitchens. I miss watching that channel and calling up my Daddy and saying, “Did you just see thaaat?” I miss it endlessly and hope that in heaven they have amazing kickass kitchens with shining gleaming new kitchen gadgets all over the place for my Daddy.

Again, I digress….back to my entire purpose for writing this huge entry….this morning while flipping thru the channels with the man’s football shaped remote control I found her….I found HER again. It reminded me of my first love with television’s talented guru’s of the female terrain called housewifery. There she was, a little chubbier, with a wedding ring on her left hand but still….with her apple pie cheerful smile. It was Katieeeeeeeeeeee and I swear to you I sat straight up and my nipples got hard and my mouth started to water and she was cooking in a different kitchen, a bowl of some yummy looking soup and then she showed me how to fringe a knitted scarf to make it your own. And I am …now….complete again! A & E I love you. It’s one thing to watch a cooking show where they only cook, but trust me, Katie Brown can cook and does realistic craft projects and has amazing idea’s for the “real” girl in me. You too can see Katie on A& E and find her website there as well.

The only thing that stunted my glee was finding her website and realizing that she had a show visiting Moby talking about Tea at his shop. Fuck…I missed that show already???? Katies in the red...
Go check out…Katie Browns New Show!!

I am Katified once again. And yes...Kaie if you googled your name...I remember and I welcome you right back into my home. I even remember when you were dating Bobby Flay! (at least I think you were..)

The best part is her new show's schedule is Saturdays at noon and Sundays at 4:30 p.m. ET! Perfecto...I can actually watch her again..LIVE.


I don’t get paid for my pimping skills…..and I ONLY pimp talent I believe in. If Paul and Katie got together and made babies I would kneel and pray at that babies feet for years. Heck if Tod and his amazingly too good for him wife Wendy made babies I’d do the same damn thing! Yes, if you’re married and your wife lets you sit around writing books for a living while leaving Pop Tart crumbs all over the kitchen...and then writing about you all over the newspapers without having a voice...she is too good for you!
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