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Thursday, Sept. 01, 2005
Iíve wanted to write something about Katrina for hours upon hours and yet I sit and stare at the screen and it terrifies me. As a permanent resident of Florida, itís hard not to imagine being in the same shoes they are all in. I canít even imagine the horror of being trapped on a roof, in a moat surrounded apartment building, in a town without communication with loved ones, the not knowing if your loved oneís are safe, are alive, and the knowing that your loved ones are gone and you canít honour their lives with proper burials and respect. Oh Mother Nature you are one evil womanÖ.

On my way home from work today I got gas. The impending gas shortages and fears thereof are also scary. But the notion of paying a little bit more for gas, but having a bed to sleep in, warm food to eat, clean water to drink, and a safe family to loveÖ..well gas prices just donít seem to matter so much tonight.

Carnival cruise ships could be called into action, and to think Rick and I were perhaps dayís away from booking a cruise for our honeymoon, one that now might have been cancelled on us. Even that loss pales in comparison to the images and feelings blasting out of my TV. I keep seeing that woman sitting next to her deceased husband covered in mere rags like road kill and it breaks my heart, makes me angry and leads me down the path of tears.

I am seriously wondering why I am living in a place where if a hurricane hit at that same magnitude, half of the county I live in would be underwater in the best case scenario. Yes, it's very scary...
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