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Wednesday, May. 04, 2005

The Kathy Howe is a Nosey Bitch Meme 

(found at kazoofus.com)

Fill in the blanks. My responses are in italics.

1. Dream job: Book reviewer the likes of the two thumbs up guys for movies…my own book show on TV.

2. In the next 3 months something you intend to accomplish: learn my new position at work  like a pro

3. The best advice you've ever received: #1 Become a better you..it’s the best revenge. And… #2 You attract what you are, if you don’t like what you’re attracting change what you are!”

4. The dumbest thing you've ever been told: “Find someone to use, that’s what I did!”

5. One thing you know to be absolutely true about yourself: I will never forgive adultery again! Never!

6. If you wrote the story of your life the title would be: Years went by and then….

7. If you could write a book about anything at all what would it be about: my dysfunctional childhood

8. When you don't know what to do, what do you do? Ask someone for advice, think about it twice, drive myself crazy…then wait awhile and write a pro’s and con’s list, ask Rick, call “him” and ask “him” since he gives good advice, …then do something because something is better than nothing

9. One of the greatest experiences of your life and why: I used to think it was giving birth to my son…now I realize it is the joy in truly knowing my son….because he loves me no matter what…his capacity for love makes me believe in the beauty of the entire world.


10. Favorite word:  PoeticaL :-)

11. The most memorable compliment you've ever received: #1. “She’s a great mom”  #2. “You have pretty eyes.”  #3“You should write greeting cards..your words make me cry their so beautiful”  #4. “You’ll always be my daisy princess.”

12. Your least favorite household chore: Picking up balled up sweaty stinky socks from under the coffee table!!



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