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Thursday, Jan. 05, 2006
Tonight I came home…we talked calmly…peacefully…. We went out to dinner and stopped at Walmart so Rick could get some sweatpants for work (its supposed to get cold here over the next few days..) and then at Circuit City so he could upgrade his pc with some new toy of some type.

He’s still a tad raw about it…because there’s still some pieces of plate surfacing on the tile floor throughout the apartment living room. *sigh* throwing plates only causes more work in the end.

To the people that I heard from today…thank you for your support and kind words and well wishes regarding my frustrations with myself last night. It turns out that sometimes we all appear to lose our patience and that life isn’t always a Rockwell painting moment….. Be sure that I’m a happily married overly stressed out working hard at everything I do sort of girl right now…..overwhelmed most of the time with the responsibility I feel mostly towards my self.

In addition let it be said that I am and will probably always struggle with what to do about the apparent beast that is my son’s stepmother. Let it also be known that I find it noteworthy that my ex-husband does not defend the beast’ness that he is married to. He does not excuse her behavior….but it’s as though he believes it will just change…..

I suppose I realize that things go haywire in relationships and when I do something I’m not proud of I truly do beat myself up over it. I love my husband…I love the life we are building together and I certainly don’t want to be the cause of more stress.

Perhaps a kickboxing class whereby I kick the beast’s picture over and over??? ;-)

p.s. Reason # 876,553,111,093,412 I pick Rick…tonight “after” being a bad plate throwing girl…he bought me this….

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I’m going to listen to it on the way to and from work. Sweet! I love audio books….and I’m spoiled.

I’m also currently reading and enjoying this….

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