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Thursday, Jan. 26, 2006
J.’s last day here is on Wednesday of next week. He is going to Chicago after all. Turns out he wasn’t leaving work early as we all suspected but rather he agreed to work late on a Friday night to get a system up and running and was going across the street to get some dinner so he could come back and stay the rest of the evening to work.

Yesterday I went to see a co-worker/friend’s new baby. She’s on her second marriage and her 4th child. She has two teenagers from her first marriage, both boys and two daughers from her 2nd marriage. So yesterday I went to see her new baby. She’s so tiny. So pretty. And has sooo much hair. And she made my nether regions ache to be implanted with baby goodness. And to make the ache even worse…she has two baby girls…..her other daughter is about 15 months old and is adorable…she has the little waterfall going on on top of her sweet head and she’s so cute I want to steal her and take her home.

I just got notification that I did NOT get the other job I applied for. I think the more you try in life sometimes the harder life seems to knock you back down. I am certainly growing a thick skin for rejection lately. My grandmother always said that God never gives you more than you can handle and somehow I always handle things even if they don’t go my way the first two thousand times.

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