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Thursday, Oct. 07, 2004
Lately when I talk to R..he's happy. He's joking and goofy and he's just happy go lucky. I really think the job change for him has done wonders. He likes it, even though he's working more hours than even I do at two jobs. He's happy.

When I hear that in his voice..it makes me immensely grinny. Yah grinny....like wipe that grinny off your face...you look like you just swallowed a secret.

He's doing laundry and I actually crave the ability to do his laundry for him again. I'm making dinner tomorrow..and mostly I can't wait to just hug him and smell him. Ever miss the way a man smells? That smell that only they have?? I miss his smell...I wake up at night missing his smell....

I'm at work waiting to go finish up my day and get outta here. I miss him....something's gotta give. I miss him so much.... ahhh but I'm so in love. I'm so in happiness lately. I'm feeling so blessed, so lucky...so loved in return. I can't even put the right words to any of it.

To paraphrase my favorite phrase in the english language...I'm so flipping happy.....so happy...

....know what I mean??? ...know what I mean???

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