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Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2004
Today after the morning job I stopped at the nearby Albertson’s to load up on my daily Starbucks coffee. As I was walking in I noticed something within the grocery store that I’ve never before seen. This display…

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Now how bizarre is this? I mean sure give me a free wipe and let every other germ monger touch the containers too? Doh…as if this shit makes sense? Where were the complimentary wipes when I had a kiddo in diapers? I coulda used those. I notice 12 years after I had a baby they now have changing tables everywhere for baby’s butt cleaning needs. It wasn’t that way in 1992.

I imagine that one day there will be a display just like this one when you walk into bars. It will say “Complimentary Disinfecting Condoms for your Cock” and “or the cock you love” in small print underneath. Imagine that….that’s where we’re headed people.

Oh b.t.w. do ya really think if you wipe the cart handle etc that no one else has touched any of those food cans you might fondle along the way? Why not a free complimentary pair of heavy duty gloves??? Or a complimentary “wash the public’ness off your entire germ ridden body” bathtub near the door so you can truly freshen up as you leave? My favorite part of the whole display you ask??? You have your choice of scents...lovely touch.


Don't ask me why I fondle food..that's an entire entry for another day ;-)
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