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The Last Day of the Year

Saturday, Jan. 05, 2002

Every now and then I read someone’s words and then I realize that I can’t write the way I wish I could. I think that someone’s words are as unique as the lines on your fingertips. Miss NinePoems…I think you absolutely rock! You blow my poetical mind!!!!!!!! I want to print these words out and then I want you to sign it so I can frame it. These words so clearly described for me how I feel about “him”. You said it better than I could ever. Thank you! And if I'm a bitch for putting your words here then I can think of no better reason to be called a bitch! I just dig your style and nope I'm not suckin up...just givin' props! The following are small excerpts of her work. Amazing stuff!

“Love always fades
Like a new pair of jeans
Before I wore you out
You broke me in”

“Just in case your wish comes true
I wish I was the truth”

“so i'll speak soft spoken
air guitar riffs about
you lending me a token
from her self expression”

“the deconstructed building
brick by brick they carry it away
and i have a new view”

“you're probably going home and calling her
and say life begins now”

“love doesn't always come out the same
it folds in a thousand different places
at least my style of love makes
a spectacular paper airplane
that floats along on thinning air
gliding in and out, up and down”

“when the day comes
the last day of the year
you can answer yes to my questionnaire”

“and my superhero will never forget
what my dance did to him
he'll fight crime and the right wing
with my name tattoed on his
superhero cuff links”

“you can play guitar like
a railroad track
on and on, soft and steady”

“And the song made me into a girl and forgot about the woman, cause he's only a boy, he's only a boy.”
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