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Sunday, Jan. 23, 2005
Yes I posted my first paper and it will be the last. It was a paper obviously about Personal Goals. My personal goal is to not ever be broke anymore, to never be stuck in a job I hate because I must work, to buy a brand new car, to send my son to college someday. But teachers don’t like monetary goals.Also my other personal goal is to start typing everything with one space between periods so that I get used to doing so for college papers. Gah!

It’s of course Football Sunday in my apartment. Double Gah! I also have Learning Team work to go do and another week’s worth of reading materials to read. All I want to do is order some chicken wings and curl up with the man, who has gotten amazingly patient with my college going cranky all the time ass.

It’s sunny outside and beautiful looking but it’s freezing in Florida right now. Freezing for us that is. My feet are in big need of some big fuzzy socks.

My e campus server is down…..double feeyuck. I’m starving and tired and cranky and yah…currently a joy to be around. Oh but my paper’s written and good or bad…it’s done (and in the previous entry!)

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