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Thursday, Dec. 04, 2003
After being mucho pissed off last night. And mostly it was due to the audacity of just sending me court papers mere days after I allowed him to break the same court papers he's accusing me of not following....and the mere wording of "disallowing contact with minor child".

Ugh. He's such a prick.

I call him this morning and he's all Mr suave and stating he's sorry. I have news for him...he's not fooling me. I simply faxed the copy of the Divorce class certificate to him and intend to forward said copy to the court system. I don't think he ever filed anything in court. He simply printed out a formal looking form and mailed it to me certified mail and my dumb postman didn't even make me sign for it.

Furthermore, he chose this morning to go into a nice long discussion about the welfare and daily happenings of my child. I hate when he puts on the "Look how nice I am when my bitch girlfriend is not worrying that I'm still fucking my ex-wife and won't let me speak for myself" mode. If she were in the background believe me he would sit there dumbfounded and say nothing.

Someone tell me how it is that for 12 years I couldn't get him to do anything and she stands there and he's terrified. I suppose it all comes down to who controls the finances and seeing that everything he has is in her name...his balls must be clinched down tight. That and I never wanted to nag at a man to be a man. She seems to not mind that nasty task at all.


The only worthwhile piece of information that I got from this mornings discussion is that my awesome son wrote me a letter and wants his Dad to mail it to me "FAST". I bet that's his Dear SantaMommy letter. I just have a feeling.

Oh....and since ex bought Bucky a scooter for his birthday he's now using this fact to determine that he is not going to be buying him much for Christmas. This means in laments terms that Mommy can knock the kid's socks off on Christmas morning without much competition at all. My wrapped toys with blow those new socks and boxers right outta the water.

Ok so I had to rant.....I hate everything about being divorced except for the fact that he's not my husband anymore. I hate the split up time with the kid...the verbal assaults, the paperwork in the mail, the fact that outside parties dictate things now. I hate it all. I hate him the most.

I need more coffee, a hot shower...a hug from my BF.

excerpt from this mornings fax to asswipe....

Please find attached the paperwork in question. Please notice that I am within the parameters set forth by the court. I attended the Divorce class within 60 days of August 18, 2003.

Furthermore, I have never been contacted by anyone of authority regarding this matter. I now notice that my address is typed in on the original order, perhaps your attorney in this case never properly informed the court of my address.

Please find attached my certificate along with the original copy of the court order.

One last tip...if you're out there and you're getting a divorce don't get an attorney at "Lawyers'R Us" LOSER!
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