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Sunday, Nov. 12, 2006
It’s 1:21 a.m. and I am on an educational high. I got up at 8:30 a.m. this morning and I have pretty much been learning and turning and educational burning all day long. I wrote a paper that I alone had to do. I then spent 5 ½ hours on the telephone while being in an online virtual meeting with two other members of my team. We wrote a paper about the economical trends in household appliances. It was grueling and tedious and fun and interactive in ways I’ve never worked with other’s before. We were in a virtual meeting through one girl’s Verizon connections. She works there and we were able to view her changing the paper as we looked on virtually. We were all in a 3 way conversation as it took place. It was amazing how much we were all in the moment of the paper and the experience. I cannot really put it into words except to say wow. Wow….I have never found that type of groove with other individuals in relation to learning and working together to achieve a goal so phenomenally awesome. Period.

I cannot fathom how many hours I have invested into my education to date. I cannot even begin to imagine how to calculate such a number. It’s insane to me to think that I spent a straight five and a half hours working with two people that I’ve never met except for virtually. The time really flew by. My only complaints were how eye tired I became, and how my legs and thighs began to fall asleep under the weight of my typing hands. It was an experience and one that I hope to repeat a few more times before the end of our current course. I have made a new friend for sure. My teammate Don is a retired military guy who is permanently disabled due to the circumstances he experienced during war. He is now a full time stay at home father of a cute sounding 9 month old son Shiloh.

So often I am amazed at the learning capacity of my educational path and further than that I am often reminded of how blessed I am to come across some amazing people that will become lifelong acquaintances. Don and I have already in one weeks time spent hours working together and getting to know each other. He’s married so don’t even go there. I’m married so …yah whatever. It’s a mutual realization that we are two people working towards the same goal and helping each other be successful along with other’s in our assigned team. It’s a wonderful experience to be a student this way. It gets a bad wrap from those that just can’t get their fat heads thinking in a way that makes a big world become smaller so that people from different walks of life and continental area’s can come together to learn from each other. It’s great to say I have friends and know people in all sorts of industries, companies and walks of life because I have been and continue to be an online student. I am a strong proponent for learning through this modality because it inflicts limitations and obstacles and a strong sense of team building when faced with limitations.

I have been in bad groups and have overcome. I have been in good groups and prospered just the same. But today…this was an experience worth documenting my thoughts on all of it for the first time ever. Yes, this may be boring and uninspiring for some…but if you really think that you cannot do something…take that exact something and challenge yourself to overcome and do it.

Tonight while taking Chloe for a walk together I mentioned to Rick that I hoped we had accomplished our goal and get an A on this assignment together. He said something along the lines of “oh you will…you always get A’s.” It was odd to me because for so long I was NOT the A student. I was the dumb one growing up. My sister was the brilliant one and I was told to “be more like my sister”. To this day my sister and I are not alike. But…..something has drastically changed in my life now that someone supports my efforts and soothe’s my angst. I am an A student but honestly it’s because of 3 things.


In that one second where Rick said I’d surely get an A because I always do….I thought “yes this is the person he sees in me because this is the person I am able to be because of him.”
A powerful thought for me because he brings out only the good in me. He assumes it and does not question it or doubt that it just is…because of him it just is so. I know he doesn’t take credit for it or think that I am successful because of him….but I know that without him I was a mess.
Sometimes in those moments when he describes me from his viewpoint I realize that I am that person he knows and the realization that I never was before throws me for a loop. It’s as if I have become someone new without even realizing at what interval I made that transition.
I was equally pleased to tell him I spent all those hours learning and writing about the economic world of household appliances. He stated, “so now you know the trends in the appliance world”. I think I’m making him smarter too. :-)

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