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Thursday, Jun. 24, 2004

My bosses are looking for toll free service for a high-tech top secret mission.  So for the last few days I’ve been shopping for toll free service that will accommodate our needs.  I have been gathering (trying to gather in some instances) information and relaying it to the boss man.  We need to be able to receive calls and forward them to outside lines.  The example I gave the phone companies was “we have sales guys out there and we need to be able to have incoming callers automatically transferred via call forwarding once they’ve chosen which sales guy they want to speak to.”   Of course this is all a guise for reality since we divulge no business practices at the tip-top secret companies I work for. 


The Sprint operator stated to me “you can change the forwarding numbers from your office via password so that if Joe the sales guy doesn’t come to work nor does he want to be at home with his wife and you want to forward his calls to sayyy…his girlfriends house so that he can address your business needs, well… it can be done”.  She actually said that.  So…reading from my notes I repeated her example to boss man.  He said, “oh geez..you’re so bitter, the jilted one.”  Well he said that or some such similar statement meaning the same exact thing.  (I wasn’t taking notes to relate here later, c’mon my life is boring but not THAT boring.)  This statement made me wonder where he got the notion that I am bitter?  Was it because I stated what had happened in a conversation a few weeks ago?  Trust me when I say there is no un-embittered way to say “oh my ex…yah well he left for the next door neighbor he was cheating on me with for years.”  I could say “oh my ex, why’d we get divorced, it was due to his cheating.”  I could try “He was not faithful and so it ended.”  But somehow the subject of where my son lives inevitably comes up and then there’s a big explanation and tons of sideway’s glances and usually a “geez how Jerry is that?” comment.  I get scoffed at.  I get all sorts of reactions, but I have yet for anyone to not just automatically put me in the “man-hating” “embittered” category. 


The damn Sprint lady said it…I just repeated it.  I wonder what her ex did.  I hope it was quite Jerry.  I’d like to think I’m not the only disillusioned woman out there right now.  Yah..disillusioned…that’s me.  Bitter?  That’s a lemon.


I think the next time someone asks me why I got divorced I am going to say, “well when we first met the sex was fantastic and then he got this weird illness that made his hands and feet go numb and he can currently no longer sustain an erection longer than five minutes and I was just entering my sexual peak years and so he was forced to find a geriatric women who wouldn’t mind his sluggish movements and quick sexual encounters and I found myself a younger man with a raging hard on and tons of free time to make wild passionate love to me for hours.


Yah see?  No more bitter comments for this girl.  :-) 1-800-I-ROCK!!!




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