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Friday, Mar. 12, 2004
Hours to go: 5
Lunch: 2 ripe
Motivation: 0%
Cookies reserved for afternoon munchies: 5
Warm soda: can
Cold soda : bottle
Fights with bf in last few days: 3,456,775,345,231,123,432
Cigarettes not smoked: 29
Cigarettes thought about: 29
Smokers present: none
Packages sent to friend: 1
Fights with bf after last sentence: 3,456,775,345,231,123,433
Phone calls made today: 1
Phone calls received today: 3
Cellphone calls made today: 1
Cellphone calls received today: 1
Times thought of kidlet today: 995,987,823,456,775,345,231,123,432
Shoes kicked off under desk: 2
Times looked in the mirror at new haircut/shade: 237
Miles driven so far today: 19.5
Headaches treated today: 1
Times thought of b.f.: 3,789, each time wondering if hed call me.
Times he called: 0
Times I called him: 1
Percentage of sun ratio: 95%
Books bought at used bookstore: 2 *grin*
Packets of soy sauce consumed with sushi today: 2
Amount of raw fish consumed: 0 ounces
Percentage of hatred for fellow rude diarylanders: 0% I scoff at those lame attempts to badmouth me internetently
Times Ive laughed today: 345,678,932,123,453,112 Thanks sandy!!

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