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Saturday, May. 18, 2002
It’s the morning after. And what a day yesterday was. It was a roller coaster ride of emotions. First let me say thanks to Mad for letting me rant and rave and carry on and get it all out. You’re the best.

Secondly and not in the rating of importance at all….

Husband: “c’mon Bucky, we’re gonna have pannycakes”

“Bucky”: are you going to make them fast?

Husband: “they’re already made..c’mon”

“Bucky”: “wow were they easy-bake or something?”

teehee…. (Bucky called pancakes "pannycakes" when he was a toddler...it stuck...)

Husband mailed “A clockwork orange by Anthony Burgess” out to Mad via priority mail this morning. This entire project has cost a mere $15.50! And Husband thinks the project is very kewl.

So now I’m off to read Living Dead Girl Tod’s new book that husband got me for my birthday…..(had to order it….it showed up yesterday…

So far…it’s really good

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