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Thursday, Mar. 24, 2005
Since last Friday, Michael Schiavo has been at Terri Schiavo's bedside..

Quoted from this article…on www.cnn.com

If he didn’t care about his wife, would he be there with her for the last 6 days?

Starving her seems like cruel and unusual punishment unless you realize that she doesn’t have the capacity for pain, discomfort or any other human emotion in her current state.

I go back and forth, but mostly I think he’s not the evil perpetrator some want to make him out to be. I believe there’s a high likelihood that they did talk about death and possibilities. Who amongst us hasn’t spoken of such things with our partner in life, our lover…..our other half?

I hope my future husband would fight so valiantly for my wishes. I hope he knows me better than anyone else, and I believe he does.

Yes, he has a girlfriend; yes he has children with the new girlfriend.

Can you imagine being that woman? She’s got to be one hell of a patient woman with all that has gone on.

This is not about money. He won money in a medical malpractice suit years ago. It’s gone, save for about fifty to twenty thousand. Not a lot of money really. The man’s had to leave the Clearwater, FL area several times for his own personal safety.

I believe there are many who are clueless about her condition…..so before you spout off…get informed about her persistent vegetative condition

Lastly, believe me I have heard, read and seen more on my local television/newspaper in the last 7 years of living within mere miles of both Teri and her husband.

When Greer (the judge) came to grapple with this question in the Schiavo case in 2000, he heard from five people who said they knew what Terri wanted. Two supported Terri's parents, Robert and Mary Schindler. On the other side were Terri's brother-in-law Scott, her sister-in-law and friend Joan Schiavo, and her husband. - st. pete times

Mr. Schiavo is not the ONLY one that believes she would not want to live this way. Other members of her own family agree. Her parents can’t face reality in my opinion. They’d rather see her and have some semblance of their daughter than face the facts that she’s been gone for 15 years already.

I believe it’s a tough decision and sadly it would appear they should have let go 15 years ago rather than put her in this predicament in the first place. But that’s done and over with. I just don’t understand why they have to let her die a slow death. I saw a news story about another Tampa Bay area resident who was in the same state she is in. His wife decided with the blessings of his family to do as he previously instructed and let him die. She did not receive the same backlash that Mr. Schiavo is receiving. This whole public mess is because her parents can’t come to terms with what’s happened to their daughter.

And yah…there’s my opinion. Not because you asked or have to agree...but because this is my diary and I have to get it out somewhere and god forbid I tell anyone who is a right to lifer and decides to cause me harm because harm is ok as long as I'm alive to enjoy it.
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