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Monday, May. 27, 2002
It’s been a long weekend. A good weekend. A quiet weekend. We got new furniture. Crème leather…yumminess furniture. The kind of stuff I always wanted. We’ve never really had regular furniture before. We had a daybed in our living room for so many years…. And so this is all new for me. And I like it. I was laying on the dirty stuff…ya know the stuff I had in my apartment and I was sleeping on top of a blanket and husband woke me up and said "move...these guys need to bring this stuff in." And voila....just like that I had creamy yumminess all over my living room. I spent the next 3 hours arranging and rearranging and gazing lovingly and then I said "I'm going back to sleep" and promptly laid down and crashed out...mmmmmmmmmmm

I got a frame for the picture husband made me. It looks pretty kewl hanging on the wall.

I have picked up and put down A clockwork Orange more times than I can even tell you. I am struggling beyond belief and I want to use that book for a nice fire starter but I don’t have a fireplace. Maybe I can use it for a coaster on my coffee table.

I went to some garage sales. I bought this really kewl angel candleholder. It’s glass and its on the coffee table. The living room is awesome now. I go in there and sit and just look around and feel content. .

I really need to get gold membership so I can post pictures of stuff…

I did read “Breakup – Catherine Texier” this weekend. It was gut wrenching because I totally can relate. What she describes in that book is what I endured and lived through and it brought tears to my eyes more times than imaginable.

And again, I didn’t read Clockwork….*sigh*

I think when I have too many days off I get all wired and melancholy and I don’t know why but I just do. I am happy and relaxed and yet, I am something else too.

We’re going to go and see “About a Boy” tonight. I am sorta just sitting around waiting to go do that. I’m actually ready to go back to work I think. How fucked is that?

I watched Mulholland Dr. and fell asleep from confusion.

I bought some kewl stuff for the house.

I lay around on my soft couch.

Husband and I went to the new Starbucks and got coffee together.

Bought two new navy blue upholstered chairs for the red/white/blue sunroom for $70.

Read some books.

Wrote tons of nothingness.

Rubbed my eyes.

Talked with someone that got his own diary. Awww.

Got invited to Savannah…double triple awww.

Talked with Josh who said “Its so beautiful its narcotic”

Went to the movies…About a Boy…good but not true to the movie..it wasn’t a rap CD it was a Nirvana one damn it!…

Want this book “The Wild Life of Sailor and Lula Barry Gifford” but it’s out of print….damn it….

Got tickets to the Gin Blossoms...thinking about Remy Zero and Blue Joules and "Bucky's" first concert.

Wondered why I’m never enough for anyone just the way I am.

Drank latte way too late in the evening..now….wondering if I’ll ever go to sleep.

Going to go lay on the vanilla crème couch and read something...Clocwork Orange? Um…er….grrrrrrrrrrrr…

I'm thinking about a certain clown...

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