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Saturday, Oct. 05, 2002
sometimes you clean out your computer and find some interesting shit at the right time...

For someone that knows everything about marriage...this says it all. He sent me tons of his love letters to some other woman

Kwisty2k: is this your exwife?
Pijohos: haha no
Pijohos: i never ever felt anythign for her, we were just friends..anyways.
Kwisty2k: well I just wondered cause according to you all women hate you
Pijohos: skye was the reason i jumped out of my marraige...i jumped out.
Pijohos: of marriage
Pijohos: because i wanted to write skye a letter
Pijohos: did i tell you this?
Kwisty2k: partly
Pijohos: oh...

Left a marriage to write some other woman a letter?

Incidentally I know posting this is shitty. But hey, I'm tired of being nice to everyone and having them turn on me just because I mention that perhaps the ex-wife has her own issues to contend with. And besides, this is my diary. MINE! And you did talk to me beyond what you like to admit. I have more....11 pages of your shit and then some... Just leave me alone and tell your friends to follow suit.
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