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Tuesday, Aug. 06, 2002
me: listen

me: this is such a mess

me: you don't need any part of this

t: any part of what?

me: dealing with all of this

me: you didn't do anything to me

me: you didn't do one thing wrong

t: What if I was to tell you that I am not perfect?...

t: what if I was to tell you that I don't...

me: I'd tell ya I knew that already

t: blame you for not trusting fully....

t: what if I was to tell you all that does not matter to me?

me: all of what doesn't matter to you

me: that I"m all messed up...scared to death

t: you being scared

me: that part of me wants to just not talk to anyone ever again

t: that part of you that doesn't want to talk to anyone is the part that i want to get to know

t: I might not have the opportunuity....

t: for some time...

t: but that is ok...

t: I am persistant..

t: and pacient ..

t: ok

me: ok

t: and I cant spell

me: lol

me: you do understand that I'm trying so hard here to just get it all straight and not mess it all up

t: Yes I do Kristy...

t: and I dont hold that against you....

t: we have months to get to know one another ...

me: i know

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