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Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2006
Love is not all that it takes to "be together". Love is driving to your other half's job and taking their car for an oil change while they are in the midst of 5 hours worth of work-related training. Love is handing over $50 on a Friday night so your girlfriend can buy food for her child from a previous marriage. Love is driving your gf's truck back home and gathering up enough money to bail her out of jail because she got into a fight with her ex-husband. Love is standing on a street crying with your girlfriend because things have gone awry but you both still love each other and can't quite figure out how to immediately fix it all up again. Love is forgiving someone for sending you off to bad places. Love is forgiving someone else for being so confused and scared that they do stupid things. Love is going to your brother's house and asking him to teach you how to change brakes so you can fix your girlfriends car for her and save her some money. Love is fixing the brakes and getting all dirty doing so after having worked all day Love is coming home and immediately fixing the Internet connection so your wife can finish writing her paper and turn it in on time and get an A in her Psychology class. Love is making hamburgers for your wife while she watches TV. Love is agreeing to spend more money on a two bedroom apartment until you can buy a house so that your wife's child can have his own room. Love is being sad together because you're unable to get pregnant. Love is standing on the beach shaking like a leaf because the girl you love is telling you she loves you back. Love is taking your soon to be wife's child with you the night before you're about to get married so you can "further bond" with your soon to be stepson. Love is taking the garbage out because your wife's taking an episodic fit about how stressed out she is. Love is letting your wife have the ENTIRE closet, the floor of the closet, etc. Love is moving your wife's nearly 800 books....FOUR times. Love says, "You have to KEEP the wedding dress...it's "our" wedding dress honey!" Love is seeing the girl you think might have had your child and letting your gf speak to her because she wants to...and more importantly...really needs to... Love says, "I'm sorry." Love is staying up all night when you both have to work in the morning. Love is letting your gf come to your job and interrupting you just because she needs a hug and she's crying too, but she won't tell you why and it doesn't matter because you can simply hug her back and help her cope with whatever she's upset about without her telling you what that is. Love is giving her a dog to love. Love is pulling out a flashlight and helping your gf find some clothes in the dark so she can go to work the next day. Love is sleeping on a cot the size of a matchbox car with your gf for several days without complaining. Love is watching your girlfriend moan in pain and not being able to help her, but not walking out of the room. Love is cleaning her staples from her surgery and not being concerned about how gross that is, but rather that you don't hurt her. Love is saying your marriage vows while choking back tears....

Love is not saying "it will work out" without having a plan for how you're going to do that. I love you Rick. Thank you for teaching me what love really is.

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