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love me when I'm old.....because honey i will love you

Sunday, Aug. 07, 2005
This afternoon Rick and I met with our wedding officiate. She made both he and I nearly cry. Myself, nearly twice! I love her. I can honestly say that as soon as I sat down in her office and began to listen to what she had to say I felt it was a perfect find. She has some wonderful ways in which to include my son in the ceremony and I would share them with you but no no no I will not ruin my wedding day surprises by writing down things that can’t be documented yet.

We put down a deposit on our wedding day festivities this afternoon. And to show just how amazing she was, when we were done with our meeting she stated that it was her own personal tradition that the husband to be always take out the wife to be to dinner after the meeting to the place of her choice. Funny enough on the way there I spotted a place and advised Rick that we’d dine there after our meeting and he quickly agreed, so we were one step ahead of her.

I feel great about our plans and tomorrow we book the reception site...as it was agreed today that it would also work well being our rainy day backup plan. After that booking I will move forward with the wedding invitations as all pertinent information will be obtained and ready to go.

Rick and I will stand inside of a heart drawn within the sand…..on the beach we chose on the day we chose right before sunset allowing for the photographer to take photo’s of us during the perfect lighting of the sunset. Our officiant will advise our guests upon walking across the pier towards the sand that shoes are optional from that point on and I will be hidden from Rick's view so he can see me as I first walk across the beach and to him. One teaser....my son will walk me down the isle and give me away....*sniff* *sniff* that get's me everytime. And I am seriously seriously considering playing this song...(even if no one believes me....me and my son jammin down the isle to a rap song...that's so us....)

Let's Get Married (Remarquable remix)
jagged Edge

So So Def
Je yall
To da beat yall
Ahha ahha
And me yall know my name
Come on

See first of all
I know these so called playas wouldn't tell ya this
But I'ma be real and say what's on my heart
Let's take this chance and make this love feel relevant
Didn't cha know I loved ya from the start? (yeah)
When I think about
All the years we put in this
Who knew we'd make it this far?
When I think about
Where would I be if we were to just
fall apart
And I can't stand the thought of
losin' you

Picture it in your head...guests waiting for my sandy isle walk seeing me and my son jammin happily down the isle.....

After today's meeting, I love all of our choices and more so I love the fact that everyone involved realizes what most matters…including our Officiate who simply stated, “What is important is that you are both in love and are getting married!” What mattered most to me in that meeting is that we both got teary eyed at the same places.....that really touched me deep.

I have finally decided upon a poem that will be read at our wedding…..

I would ask of you, my darling,
a question soft and low,
That gives me many a heartache
As the moments come and go.

Your love I know is truthful
, But the truest love grows cold;
It is this that I would ask you:
Will you love me when I'm old?

Life's morn will soon be waning,
And its evening bells be tolled,
But my heart shall know no sadness,
If you'll love me when I'm old.

Down the stream of life together
We are sailing side by side,
Hoping some bright day to anchor
Safe beyond the surging tide.

Today our sky is cloudless,
But the night may clouds unfold;
But, though storms may gather round us,
Will you love me when I'm old?

When my hair shall shade the snowdrift,
And mine eyes shall dimmer grow
I would lean upon some loved one,
Through the valley as I go.

I would claim of you a promise,
Worth to me a world of gold;
It is only this, my darling,
That you'll love me when I'm old.


p.s. honey...it was your hand on my face.....it was....it still is..it always will be....
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