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Sunday, Jan. 08, 2006
Wrote yesterday…..forgot to post..

I miss my husband today….he’s been working so much lately. I want hot chocolate…and his chest under my cheek. He works hard….I feel sick and cold today...

Sometimes just knowing someone is in the house...is enough to make your heart content. Sometimes…it’s the simple things...a few weeks ago I tried to get a picture of the smoke coming from Rick’s cigarette....today the image looks melancholy to me...

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wrote today….

ps. Some advice...don’t marry someone with children if you don’t want to learn to love and care for them regardless....if you're not then just don't sign on for it....I try so hard to be fair about my son’s stepmother but if you read his words yourself...it’s hard to see anything but unfairness...ugliness..both things that just hurt my child...but I suppose she doesn't care about that "enough" because it's just flat out NOT her child in biology or love... and none of those things are my fault. If you want the man but you don't love him enough to want his children....then keep looking.
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