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Friday, Jan. 11, 2002
Today is one of those rare days I am working. How about that? I’m calling to verify purchase orders. It’s rare to be working on something substantial here. I typed up an entire Residential Lease this morning that gave me a major headache …all that Tenant/Management lingo. Grrr… My boss has more than one company. Oh joy…

There’s not even that much going on today. I am majorly irritated by the comments made by k.j.

When I saw her first entry I wrote her an email and told her that he’s doing just fine and her comments were unkind and judgemental. And should have been made in private. And yeah I was pissed and told her to fuck off. She then put this on his guestbook I suppose in reply to what I said.

name: k.j.
email: kayj@hotmail.com
PoeticaL, don't you want your friend to feel better? You both should reread his entries then maybe you'll see. I didn't mean to sound flip or insensitive. BTW, you two may not be having an affair in the strictest sense of the word, but madprophet do you think you're being fair to your wife? How would you feel if she had a similar relationship with another man? date: 4:36 pm - Thursday,January 10, 2002

I’m about to go somewhere that I might regret…but this pisses me off and I have to speak my mind on it and get this off of my chest. I have a few things to say.

1. Yes while we are public about our friendship and therefore make ourselves targets to any freak that wants to comment, it is none of your business.

2. Yes…I want my friend to be happy. I want the absolute best of everything for him. That is why I told you to fuck off. You’re not doing him any favors with your judgmental fucking attitude.

3. Having an affair? We’ve never met! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

4. Lastly I’m done with this issue. You’re no one to me. And I don’t care what you have to say.

Oh one other thing I’d like to say. I love you Mad, I value our friendship and I don’t care who knows it. I think you’re the most amazing friend I have ever had. I don’t care what k.j. says or what any other person says. We’ve been at the brunt of lotsa of naysayers about our friendship and I know this one doesn’t matter either.


If only tonight we could sleep
In a bed made of flowers
If only tonight we could fall
In a deathless spell
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