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Friday, Jul. 08, 2005

Today I woke up and felt like a brand new woman.  I nearly jumped up and did a dance of joy.  Instead, I ate a light breakfast, drank some juice, downed some of the last of the pills I had to take (antibiotics for the recovery and antibiotics for the severe kidney infection I also had when admitted to the hospital), I took a shower, shaved my legs, washed AND conditioned my long long hair and then I did something I haven’t done for over a week.  I blew my hair dry with the hairdryer, I put on some makeup, I styled my hair and I put on shorts and a new summer shirt and a new pair of shoes I had bought prior to the hospital insanity.  Tommy Hilfiger summer sneakers…cute cute.  (photo’s someday…they’re that cute!) 


Then, I cleaned up the apartment.  I cleared away the last two weeks of disarray and dirty juice cups.  I moved all of the dirty clothes to one neat and tidy place in a laundry basket and I attempted to put my clean clothes away but do not own enough hangers to hang everything up.  (note to self: buy more hangers)


I called and spoke to my grandmother in PA again even though I just talked to her a few days ago.  She’s been worried about my health.  Grandmother’s are that way.  I then spoke to my Aunt (my mother’s sister) who just got back from visiting my first cousin who now lives in Chicago.  Apparently there’s a beach in Chicago, I never knew. 


Then I drove to the nail salon and got my nails done.  I chit chatted to my nail stylist as best as one can when your nail stylist speaks poor Engrish.  Then I went to Walmart and bought a new hairbrush (my old one bit the big one when I had to untangle my long hair after days of high fevers and no washing in the hospital) and soap for the dishwasher (since we ran out and I was anxious to get the dishes all cleaned up)


I walked around Walmart and considered buying some candles but decided to skip them.  They were cheap but I didn’t have much faith that they’d burn consistently.  I felt surreal walking around Walmart.  And then I heard the thunder outside and decided to leave.  I didn’t miss the downpour and found myself running through the parking lot to get to my vehicle.  The rain felt cool and came down in big fat droplets and when I nearly reached my vehicle I slowed down and let myself concentrate on how good the cool drops felt on my feverish skin.  Life is good and I feel like I appreciate my health in a new and improved way.


The man worked the majority of the day away like he seems to do most of them as of late.  He went to work this morning at 6:30 a.m. and didn’t come through the door until 9:10 p.m. tonight. And yah he works that much on some days, and his paycheck proves it.  We decided to go out to Bennigan’s for dinner.  I got shrimp tempura and he got a steak.  It was the first meal that actually tasted half ok to me.  I haven’t had an appetite and the looseness of my jean shorts were evident of it.  I could not however finish my meal and that’s ok too.  Rick enjoyed his steak and it was nice to spend some time with him without the worries of the last two weeks that we’ve endured.  He was pretty tired though.  We’re back home, and he’s already in bed snoring away.  He has to work again in the morning. 


It’s been raining on and off all evening and there’s tons of news here regarding Hurricane Dennis.  It’s moving over Cuba right now.  I have a hair appointment to get my hair cut and highlighted tomorrow and am hoping it doesn’t get cancelled because I finally feel pretty good and want to get my hair cut bad.  It’s so long and I love it long but it needs to be trimmed and highlighted badly.  Also, it’ll probably rain most of the rest of the weekend and it’d be nice to spend the rainy day getting my hair done doing something constructive than sitting inside watching it rain all day.


We’ve been lucky in the Tampa Bay as we’ve been able to avoid all of the storms that have come near the coastline of Florida.  We seem to be tucked into the safe place.  But with the storms come the threat of tornado’s and they’re pretty wicked sometimes.  I hope that Rick doesn’t have to work very long tomorrow if at all because I’ll just worry about him being out there amongst the weather threats all day.


It’s fairly late but I’m feeling wide-awake and full of energy for the first time in days.  Time to go check out the information for my upcoming course in school.  Get a head start since I’ll be doubling up my schedule for the next ten weeks pretty soon.  I’m going to take some MTH courses on site, meaning I’ll be in a regular classroom with a physical teacher present.  It should be interesting since I know the teacher from my former position with the company and he’s great.  I look forward to the experience, however I don’t look forward to working from 9 a.m. until my class starts at 6 p.m. and walking down the hall and being in the same building at class until 10 p.m.  Should make for a long miserable break free day.  That’ll be the day I’ll be taking my lunch hour for sure.  I think it’ll be fun though.  MTH courses don’t have much teamwork involved and so I look forward to that break in the game plan as well.


My staples are itchy, my eyes are tired and I need to go get a glass of water and stretch, my back is sore from too much rest.  Oh one last thing, Rick got a haircut yesterday and he looks so dang hot I’m resisting attacking him while he sleeps right now.  I did sneak in there a few paragraphs ago to retrieve my favorite pillow before he falls asleep on it.   I kissed him good night.  I wonder if he even knows…..how much I love him.


And…and….I can finally breath like a normal person according to my breathing toy the hospital gave me….ahhhh lung capacity rocks!!


On a very sad side note....I haven't heard from BraN...yet. :-(









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