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Tuesday, Jul. 02, 2002
I’m on my laptop. It was my laptop til husband started to use it for work. Now it’s got all sorts of goofy architecture programs on it. I accidentally hit one and this spider web of hell came on. It took me twenty minutes to figure out how the hell to close it. Apparently you have to hit “close” which is written so small across a truss beam. Oh how darling. Not.

This all feels goofy though cause I have my keyboard and my desktop monitor hooked up but I need the laptop mouse pad. And what’s with those things? I think I might switch the monitor for the mouse. I’ll look at the lap monitor and use the regular mouse. I am too good at click and drag to use this 2-inch moving square from hell. It reminds me too much of that Jamiroquai video.

What in the world do you get your best friend when his wife doesn’t know you’re his best friend? When whatever you get will either be seen by her or have to be hidden away in the depths of a desk drawer at work. What do you do? I mean I think of thousands of things. Some of which follow..

1. picture of yourself doing naughty things with an ink pen.
2. key chain with a truer than life phrase. “you simply are the ink in my pen”
3. book that you can’t inscribe anything into the front of therefore it’s not personal.
4. calendar you create where you write something poetical and creative into each of the 365 days. (I could do it, I’m full of words.)
5. leather journal sprayed with your perfume and an awesome pen (not a crap one like for Christmas one…but something nice) that he’ll never be able to explain where they came from.
6. naked picture of yourself missing the face so he can hide it in his wallet and there’s no proof of who you are. (naked with a pen…different variation of #1)
7. tons of daisies delivered straight to his desk.
8. pair of panties I’ve worn with a special poem written across the front. (my personal favorite idea….the idea of writing a scratch and sniff poem intrigues me…*blushes*)

Ok so there’s my ideas. None of which seem right. It just doesn’t seem right when he’s MARRIEEEED. But this is the stuff I think about doing. I do have a few less exciting ideas, but like always I need to check with WD and get some info.

After looking over that list how could any man not want a girl like me? I don’t know but they are forming a line so… Still no phone call from Tim. Tim Tim TIMMMMM.. grrr

Ya know, usually here’s what I give as a gift. I give a coffee cup full of some kewl coffee and some candy or something. But Mad boy you are not that sort of person to me. I always want so much more for you. Anyone who can tell me the following….and do it honestly and always…. You are far more than a cup of coffee because your words….are always truth.

You know I would never think less of you. I can't tell you what to do but I think you know in your heart what to do. You know I will always be here for you. -MP

I know you’re always there and I know I say thank you as often as rice is thrown at churches on Saturdays in the summertime. But I never take you for granted… I am forever grateful because you are forever there. Just there…somewhere in the shadows.

I keep reading people’s diaries where they say “this is my 100th entry…wow” or “this is my 50th entry I can’t believe it”. Well I would just like to say this is my 459th entry in this diary. And if you count my PoeticaL url diary where the requiem all started this is my 731st PoeticaL diary entry. If you add my 136 quixotic diary fortune-like entries then we reach an astronomical figure of 867. And we’re not even counting rose thorns that have been part of my past. So… this is my 868th diary entry. Now I think that constitutes being able to say “holy fuck!!” Don’t you?? That’s a lot of typing!!!

Ok…I’m done typing for today. Whew. I’m gonna go upgrade my cellular service cause I need more MAD minutes!

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